Diego’s December 2018 Snow

Well, the snowmageddon turned out to be a lot like the December 2017 snow for us, just with a huge difference in what they were calling for.

2017 they called for about an inch, and we got 10″
2018 they called for a few feet, and we got about 10″

Although for last December’s snow and we still had our sweet Trinity. 😦

Thankfully we kept power. A tree broke off up high and came down at 1am Saturday night across the driveway with a truck about the size of my waist. Our Leyland hedge is flattened. My expensive, drove all over to find, evergreen dogwood is also down (last pic up top). It was about 5′ tall. The snow is so pretty in the trees but it is also a lot of weight. We have his and hers snow sticks. Mine says 11″, His says 9″. My guesstimate was Diego would dump 9″. We don’t have a snow shovel but I used a dustpan to get it off our back deck where it would stay forever in the shade. This snow will probably be remembered as the blizzard that wasn’t or the snow that took so many carports down. We have one friend, 2 neighbors, and a client that theirs collapsed and there was a local business too.

The birds are bombarding the feeders. I think the woodpecker’s job is to fling all the little food out in the snow, while it looked for sunflower seeds. The chickadees and squirrels waiting until Tuesday to show up. Tyler was watching unless he was busy doing what I had planned for this snow day- taking a nap. You think he knows I stocked up on his food and litter just like I did our stuff?

Tyler 12 09 2018 7-sm Dec Snow 12-09-2018 08.41.36-sm

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the all-black woolly worm and wondered what it meant being all black? A friend texted Sunday morning and said she guessed this is what it meant.

This December snow did not turn out to be the relaxing snowed-in weekend with a book, and a few naps, with maybe a drive to look around in hubby’s 4×4 that I had in my plans!

Here is a pic from our patriotic red, white and blue backyard.

Cardinal male 12-09-2018 10.50.18-sm

I think this post actually clears out most of my “dump folder” where the pics get moved off the SD card, as I continue to go taking more and more photos. Hopefully tomorrow I can get started on my 2019 calendar selection. I don’t print many of my photos but I do treat myself to a printed calendar from the photos taken that year. Every year,  just like the checkbook and taxes, I plan to keep up with it all along, and every year I don’t. So, I’ll start browsing through the 5000+ photos I kept in 2018.

I just don’t feel up to putting up our Christmas tree this year. I put out our nativity set and one angel. Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for my family, my friends and I’m thankful we still have Tyler with us, but my heart just really still hurts for Trinity and I can’t make myself feel like decorating the tree. It’s not what Christmas is about anyway.

I didn’t do well keeping up with my scripture photos this year, but I updated my Shutterfly calendar anyway with the few new ones. I didn’t take as much time on it as usual, but If you’d like one, here is the link to it. I have no mark -up, you just buy it straight from Shutterfly. I guess it will let you make changes once you save it.

2 thoughts on “Diego’s December 2018 Snow

  1. AuthorJoePerroneJr

    Heaviest damned snowfall I ever had to shovel. Took me three days of shoveling two hours per day to finally free up our two cars and expose enough of the end of the driveway to finally liberate them. Ugh! I’m letting the rain do the rest of the job. Our driveway is 150’ long, and this is the first time in 15 winters that I could NOT shovel it all. This getting old thing is not for sissies! 🙂

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