The last of 2018

waterfalls of 2018

I made a resolution a long time ago to never make resolutions again but it doesn’t stop me from looking back and looking forward. If you read my blog, you know 2018 was not one of my best years. I look forward to more time outdoors, more book cover and photography work, more time with family and friends, with some quality me time sprinkled throughout. I’d also need to improve my posture. I’m thinking it is kinda like the tree planting saying. “The best time to plant a tree sit up straight was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” So if you see me hunched over – please tell me nicely to straighten up.

Of course I’d love to keep up with my Bible reading, finally clean up my computer files, keep the bookwork up all year long, take fewer photos, yes fewer clicks with less time culling, which would mean less sitting at the desk; but when you set the same goals every year and fall short, every year, it just feels like extra pressure when you know you’re not likely to achieve those goals.

The pic above is from the waterfalls I saw in 2018, and below are some photos that I don’t think I shared yet. So here ya go – the unshared (I think) of 2018 so I can clear out that folder.

I do plan to clear my TBR online and bookcase. I plan to spend some more time with flash work this year. I plan to skip the magazine subscriptions for a year and maybe learn a new language instead. Seems more appealing now that I know our local library offers online courses for free.

Fall tree at KDs 11-16-2018 10.09.10-sm

I am doing a #2019Project52 that I am doing with my niece, Taylor. I’m looking very forward to this one. One because it’s been 5 years since I did a project 52 and most importantly because I’m looking forward to working with her! She is new to photography and she has a natural eye for composition, plus she is a joy to be around.  Paula is joining me in this too, so I’m in the middle of someone who has been a professional photographer for longer than me, and a new photographer. Should be a fun project!

I hesitate to keep consistently pushing the space limit on here with more photos. I’ve spent time reading about where to go now that G+ is closing, and even earlier than planned. I read. I get frustrated that I’ve moved my blogsite so many times. I tuck it back away to deal with later in hopes G+ comes up with a better export. With the space issues here and now on Flickr I wonder if I should’ve ever left Blogger. In the back of my mind, I don’t trust another Google product to not leave me hanging.  I also need to maintain a free site for as long as possible.

When I was making my 2019 calendar from my 2018 photos, I ran into something unpleasant and new to me. Some of my photos looked like they survived the multiple moves with my Dell computer problems…. until I clicked on them to upload for my calendar. Even though I could see the thumbnail the file was 0 bytes. I’m sure I didn’t find them all but I was able to go back to my HP and get some of them. I decided to purchase a cloud backup instead of just an external hard drive. It’s been uploading my 61,000+ files for days now.

While the cloud backup is hogging our bandwidth, hubby and I went to the last 3 waterfalls of 2018.

Melrose Falls 12-26-2018 3-sm

I’d been to Melrose Falls with June in summer, but hubby and I went back. He held on to the back of my jeans so I could get a better shot this time. I wasn’t close enough to slide over, but it felt nice to be anchored to him if I lost my balance standing back up. Must not have been poison oak vines I was laid against, that or my long sleeves saved me. We had one extra water crossing but then again 2018 was the wettest year on record for our area. I still didn’t get as much of the falls at Kevin Adams did, but I’m happier with these than what I got in summer, even if these are not silky water shots, they still show more of the falls.

Shunkawauken Falls 12-26-2018 1-sm

On Shunkawaken Falls I had a note to see in winter after a rainfall. It’s been no problem seeing falls after rainfall all of 2018. There was a lot of water coming over. Talk about a pretty impressive roadside view. We could see the lower falls below it as we drove up the curvy road but it was also on private property and we saw nowhere to pull off to look even from the road. As we got back on the interstate we could see all or at least two large sections of the falls.

Emily Falls 12-26-2018 1-sm

Last was Emily Falls. On this one, we preferred Rich Steveson’s directions to Adams in his third edition waterfall book. I should’ve checked to see online if they’d changed. We decided that after going “a short distance” and it being too far. There were multiple gates so the directions were not quite clear to us. Also, another hiker at the immediate parking area said there was a waterfall farther up so we wasted time and a lot of fleeting daylight driving farther in, and hiking past the gate on the right, that was the wrong gate on the right.

Back immediately at the parking area when you turn in, we went thru that gate, thru two fields and found the waterfall without a problem- other than hoping we didn’t get shot. We passed LOTS of hunters. My red vest I just bought for this very reason was at home. In Stevenson’s write up it says that it is in the popular hunting Green River Gamelands. I actually don’t recall ever seeing that many hunters out, and it was dusk. Hubby said if we saw deer in the cornfield we walked through that we were turning around and we’d see Emily falls another time. I made a mental note to just buy two safety vest and keep them in my car. We were pushed on time so I didn’t try to get right at the water’s edge. Back at the parking lot, we talked with a guy maintaining the trails for Carolina Mountain Club. He gave us a few maps and was super nice. I admire all the work that goes into maintaining the trails. I’d like to go back and maybe see Case Falls too. Funny thing I noticed was that in Adams book there was a log on the rocks the falls cascade over. On Stevenson’s webpage the log is a little farther over, and when we were there it was gone.

I started 2019 off with a massage from a Groupon. I said I wanted to do that when we moved into the new house as my reward for all the hard physical work. Then my shoulder issues and life put it the farthest thing from my mind. I think it would be a great way to start off every year!


And, I can’t end the year update without sharing a few of my boy.

Tyler Maxwell

Tyler and I still play peek-a-boo which is something he has done since he was a kitten. He hides then jumps out to get me. Every once in a while I get him but he is better and the game. Behind chairs, and doors and… the shower.

Here is some depicting his really rough life. If I get up from my chair he steals my seat… all of it.

Tyler 12-18-2018-4-sm

He has started getting back up on the top shelf of the cat tree. He’s really too big for it.

I can always count on him to not-so-patiently wait for me to get off the computer.

and lastly, this is Tyler about 10 hours early helping drop the year-end ball. Actually, I was trying to take a photo, but hey you work with what you get.

4 thoughts on “The last of 2018

  1. allenrizzi

    Se vuoi imparare l’italiano, sono disponibile. È divertente e facile! Wenn Sie dagegen Deutsch bevorzugen, ist das meine Zweitsprache. In any event, Happy New Year!


  2. KiM Post author

    Thanks for the offer Allen! I tried French for maybe a semester. I’ve never had to use a translator twice on one paragraph 🙂 As much as I’d love to think I’ll visit Italy, it would likely only happen once. My ancestry has quite a bit of German in it, but I think Spanish would be the most useful. If I conquer it, I may add others. Feliz Año Nuevo para ti también



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