Delicate. Slow.

The first camera club meeting of 2019 features the theme “delicate” with my favorite critiquer, Jeff Miller. I’m looking forward to this one.

I had an idea on this one to go capture a group of snowflake millennials but decided it wasn’t right to profile all in that age group with the same generalization. I know a few it would be an accurate description for though. I’ll have to suffice with the mental image of the Delicate being wrapped in bubble wrap.

I did shoot several on purpose for this theme (sundew, eggs, needle and thread) even though for a critique I could’ve used older photos. The three at the top are the ones I submitted. Right after I hit “send” I remembered I had one last light reflection to remove from the egg. I hope Jeff doesn’t notice but I know he will on his “border patrol.”

Some of my ideas for this were: a Chinese lantern, feather, shell, dandelion, dead leaf, ice, snowflake, waterdrop, butterfly, lace, spiderweb, baby’s breath, breath breathed onion, egg, old hands, needle thread, venus fly plant.

Here are some older ones, that I may have shared in the past that were in the running for the theme.

As eggs hit the black metal sheet I had on the counter it occurred to me it would’ve been wise to have a bowl there too. I remembered the video of using an empty water bottle to suck up egg yokes but couldn’t recall anything to get up a completely splatted egg. I didn’t have my cameras focus perfectly set or to a high enough shutter speed so the first several eggs lost with the wooden spoon are not sharp.

I shot the decaying tattered leaf skeleton as my 2 of 52 #2019project52 (bottom right photo) that I’m doing with my niece. I intended to use one of the others for 3 of 52 but I had too many to choose from that last week. I may use some of these for CCoH later in the year.

We had a beautiful ice storm,

I saw a white-footed gray squirrel and a cute chickadee,

morning sky 01-17-2019 1-sm

captured a beautiful sunrise sky,

and my sweet boy looks so sweet knocked out on antihistamine (Rx of course); plus on top of that, I shot my carnivorous plant,

sundew artsy soft 01-16-2019 1-sm

the egg(s),

and a needle with thread for the delicate theme.

needle and thread 01-16-2019 1-sm

That’s how it goes, I take too many in one week to be able to choose just one, then some weeks I struggle to find one for the project. I know from years past, it’s nice to do something pertaining to your life that week so at the end of the year when you see the photos you are instantly transported back to that memory.

The “slow” is my cloud back up!!

I mean like running at a snail’s pace. After the Dell problems, I looked into several backup cloud options. A Time Machine for windows by Faronics because I liked my iMacs Time Machine back up. Also, Deep Freeze, Good Sync, IDrive, Backblaze, and Carbonite. Settling on the last one. I purchased it on December 31st and the darn thing has been running almost 24/7 with only 47% backed up after 19 days. I contacted them. Their solution was “the first one takes longer.” They said it could be done quicker if I removed some of the files to back up. Really? They said it depended on my internet speed. Yep, I’m aware but here in a small town of WNC, we don’t have many choices. Morris broadband speed test (with Carbonite paused) shows a whopping 3.65 Mbps download and .28 Mbps upload. The test stated, “Your internet speed is slow.” So I ran it again and got 10.2 down and 1.72 up. At least if I ever have a complete computer fail and need to restore the entire thing it should download quicker than it’s backing up.


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