What I’m reading January 2019 part 2. Doerr. Grisham.

A blogger I follow recommended All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr so while at a recent writers group meeting at the library, I picked up a copy of it, and John Grisham’s Camino IslandOnce in the group, Sunny (who has several 4+ star books of her own) said it was brilliantly written but she didn’t like the ending. Guess I’ll know soon enough if we feel the same, or not. Doerr’s book is another one I didn’t read the blurb description, but the cover does look interesting to me. It’s a pretty thick book at over 500 pages so unless I run into a lot of free time on my hands, this may be reviewed next month. Wish I read quicker, but a lot of times I’ll savor a sentence or paragraph, re-read it, or flip back to catch a name or other detail. My idea of a perfect Sunday is hearing God’s word at church with my hubby, lunch out, an easy walk followed by cuddling up with my cat and good book!

I heard All The Light We Cannot See was about a young blind girl. It was also about a blond headed boy. We didn’t get back to what was covered in the prologue until 3/4 of the book was done. It took me to page 50 or so before it had me hooked. I kept getting hung up on using “wireless” for “radio” though, but loved the wording to describe the wireless, like one mouth with a million ears or something close to that. I couldn’t find the page again for an exact quote. I loved the imagery in his incredibly descriptive writing. When I got to chapter three I was irritated that I’d been jumped around in time. Chapter One, 1934. Chapter Two, 8 August 1944. Chapter Three, June 1940. Chapter Four, 8 August 1944 etc.  Page 164 plopped in a new person, The Perfumer, but it didn’t link him to the father until the end of the segment and my mind was wondering if I’d glazed over something earlier and should’ve been remembering him. Later in the book, I read Vokheimer, the “giant” and two others were riding in an Opel. I thought they were extremely small cars, like MG midget size.  I want a fiction book, to take me away to another time and different thoughts and worlds, not be something I have to work at. I stopped a few times to look things up. Was plastic and the x-ray really discovered in Berlin?

With the characters changing every few pages I started losing interest a bit in the middle and I hoped soon they would be brought together instead of reading two parallel stories. I had lost interest in the effort before mid-story. Even though the writing was very descriptive, switching POV, sometimes every page, was just too much for me and I did not enjoy it. I did read the entire 530 pages but I can’t say I will be reading anything else by Doerr anytime soon— and just like Sunny, I didn’t care for the ending. I am aware I don’t feel the same as the majority of readers.

I enjoyed reading John Grisham’s Camino Island. It was about a writer, a book store owner, plus a crime thriller, and a much easier read to kick back with. As an author and having author friends, I may have enjoyed more than most. I like the cover on this one too and wouldn’t change a thing. I laughed to myself when they discussed other authors books when two of the thee where on my read or to-read list. The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah and A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler and I since those were on my radar I went and looked up LaRose by Louise Erdrich since it was mentioned too.

Up next as I try to #readwhatIhave is Mark Twain’s Book of Animals, my cover is different than the one on Amazon now.

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I tend to like thrillers, law, mysteries or Christian based novels. I do not want to read books where they take the Lord’s name in vain, have a lot of graphic violence, about sports and I’m really not into non-fiction history.

Here is my pinboard on NC Authors, and my post about what I think authors want you to know. I will be compiling a pinboard of books added to my “want to read” list.

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