When none of the choices are good

Isn’t that a funny looking face? He just finished a yawn. I just love the nose crinkle!

Tyler has been sneezing. Trinity used to sneeze if I went more than a week without vacuuming, or didn’t put out the extra water on the registers in the winter. Fix those two things, topped off with some L-lysine and Omega and life went back to normal.

Except, it’s not working for Tyler. He completely quit sneezing while on the Rx antihistamine. Great, I thought, it’s just allergies, not a respiratory problem. Well, the antihistamine made him very sleepy and after it was stopped he started sneezing again. Not quite as bad as he was.

When we got him as a kitten he kept sneezing. He was given an antibiotic. Antibiotics give him diarrhea. Turned out he sneezed out a blade of grass and all was well after the irritant was gone. Note: my cats are indoors only—as I think all pet cats should be.  The grass had to happen before we picked him up.

I don’t see anything in his nose. It is not even red. His teeth look like they could use a cleaning again but even though I’ve picked up the phone several times I just can’t make myself make an appointment for him.

We are getting closer to it being a year since we lost Trinity unexpectedly, after a routine vet yearly where she got a clean bill of health. I haven’t been back in the clinic since telling our vet that she died.

I know it is not reasonable or rational. I should just take him in, let them do his annual since we are within months of it being a year, let them look with the proper tools up his nose and at his teeth, but every time I pick up the phone I can’t seem to dial. They’ll want to schedule the dental. I don’t really want him anesthetized at 11 with irregular heart lining. It will be August before he is due for his second ultrasound to compare with the first one to see if the irregular heart lining is just age-related or HCM.

Both him and Trinity lick/licked their nipple. I thought Trinity’s was more of an OCD thing as she was kinda spastic in her cleaning. Tyler has picked up doing it a little more with this sneezing. His what we call, nerves, seem to be “getting him” more too but that has been getting worse the older he gets and is not sneezing related. No one but us has ever witnessed that, but it looks like how we feel when our sciatic stabs us after we start moving. Now, I did change his dry food several bags back when I learned there was some correlation between peas and heart issues in dogs. His wet food is the same several varieties he has been eating. Maybe I should transition back to the old one.

So, at the moment I’m just praying his sneezing will cease so that I can postpone his annual and teeth cleaning autumn until after his second ultrasound. Then again in April, he’ll turn 12 and I know anesthesia is worse the older we get.

Right now other than the uptick in sneezing, he is eating and playing just like normal. His sneezing is mostly when he wakes up. Only other change, is in the last 2-3 years he likes to burrow under the comforter on our bed. He moped for a few months after Trinity passed but he seems to be more than okay with being the only cat— which is more than I can say for me. I hope someday to stop seeing the image of finding Trinity.

My cousin/vet may be coming sometime during February, maybe I can pick her brain as to when and what she’d recommend for his annual and his sneezing. Think she gets sick of me asking her advice about my furbabies? She’s been helping since Skeamer. At least now I can kinda pay her back by taking some photos for her new addition at her clinic.

Well, today won’t be the day I call and guess what? They’re calling for more snow.

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2 thoughts on “When none of the choices are good

  1. Kate Crimmins

    I know how you feel. After I lost Hazel a month after a full annual exam that said she was healthy, I haven’t been able to make an appointment for Mollie, my older cat. I can’t over the “what’s the point of an annual if they can’t pick up things like congestive heart failure and large sized tumors” feeling. Maybe it’s too soon. She doesn’t need any shots. We’ll see. I still see Hazel too. Yesterday Morgan my younger cat who doesn’t look at all like Hazel, was in a shadow at the spot where Hazel always sat and I thought I’d have a heart attack!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KiM Post author

      Trinity’s annual was 5 days before she passed, but in my vets defense, it was likely heart or brain. Three years before she’d had 3 seizures but we thought everything was fine and saw no problems, no seizures, nothing. Now, her last visit was horrible as they couldn’t get blood and stuck her at least 5x. She was so stressed. I would think CHF would be detectable. With Skeamer, I did “see” her around the house afterward. With Trinity, my mind is stuck like a broken record on finding her and regrets from that day. On the other hand, my mind is like just because they were littermates doesn’t mean Tyler’s sneeze is not just a sneeze. For myself, there is no way I’d go to a doctor for that, but then again I kept a bad cold for almost two months and never regained my ability to smell. It’s hard when you lose family you love.



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