Fun with a few photog friends


I love my time with my hubby and best friend who are not into photography at all. I treasure the time with Paula, who was my hubby’s friend first, then my friend, and she IS into photography.

Then came my friends I met thru photography clubs. They’re a hoot. A few of us got together to check out the dog agility even though none of us had ever been to one. Three of my photog friends joined on a chilly day, at the AG center, cameras in tow for just that. I know I put this one under the cat heading, but I don’t have one for dogs.

The owners, handlers, or umm, well whatever you call them, walked the course first. Some of the dogs would wait for the command to start. Some dogs would start and just jump everything in sight, even twice for good measure. Some dogs really watched and listened for signals. Some just stopped to smell all the other dogs, and were not interested in going through tunnels or over jumps. The long-haired little dogs appeared to be running the fastest with their fur blowing in the momentum of a run. Some dogs were silent as they ran the course, some barked the entire time. I envisioned a few, especially, I think they were Corgis, with mighty dog caps. I’m pretty sure I deleted the most photos ever from a shoot. In fact, I had NO real keepers of the event, so I made the video and will be deleting those from my hard drive too.

Now choosing lunch with everyone’s diet needs was a bit more complicated 🙂

I am definitely a cat person now, probably mostly because that is about the only animal I couldn’t have growing up. I do love the look of Dalmatians, Weimaraners, Rottweilers, Great Danes, blue eye’d huskies, maybe even an Australian Shepherd, but I don’t see us ever getting a dog.  I think we’d both agree though on one that barked, not yapped. It’s funny with the exception of always picking the runt, I like mostly large cat breeds and looks like I feel the same way about dogs. I wouldn’t want a Bergamasco Sheepdog or Komondor no matter how cool their coat is. I think SharPei’s are neat to look at with all their wrinkles, but wouldn’t pick that breed, any that resemble a wolf, or a Chow. A Chow is what attacked our Dudley (wired haired Terrier/mutt) in our own yard, bit him, shook him, left him for dead. My dad happened to be home and rushed him to the vet. Did you know there is a “Carolina Dog”? Oddly enough my husband has never had a pet of his own. That just amazes me.

The following evening I was invited to join them in shooting for the local cameras club theme of “Night Lights.” Could’ve been called Night Life. We laughed, they pulled out the props, we shot and talked. At one point when I had gotten sidetracked off by myself and lost track of time alone on the railroad tracks, one came to check on me. Isn’t that thoughtful? We have quite the mix of skill level and we shoot different things, yet everyone is supportive of the others. I had to quit early but everyone is okay with “come as long as you want,” “when you want,” “leave when you want.” Are you thinking of the Subway commercial yet?


I hardly ever photograph people so I’m not positive about the sharing rules of photos with other people, even if they were taken in a public place, even if they are not truly recognizable. I know I don’t want any photos taken or shared of me so I’m sharing an obscure one here I went all artsy with, making it a postcard. I’m saving others for the February’s club theme.


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