Our yard is OUR YARD. Need outdoor security camera recommendations.

What is it with takers?
I read that “givers have to set limits because takers seldom do”, and I’ve hit my limit.

Our West neighbor takes care of their yard, but has become deaf to their dog barking when they lock him outside in their fenced in back yard — for hours in the evening. They let their three cats roam. I love my cats. I like other peoples cats too— just NOT in my yard and at my house. We can’t even leave our garage door open summer to let heat out, or when we’re working in the yard because they go right in and get in the trash. If we have a project going and leave a vehicle outside overnight, I hope I remember to beep the horn in case they got up under the hood to try to stay warm or dry. I let them know that we’ve seen their one cat crossing the busy main road multiple times. Still, they all roam. I hope I don’t see it when he gets hit by a car. The cats are on our deck, in our fenced in back yard, on our expensive porch furniture on the covered porch, They upset my indoor only cats, they get that same expensive porch sofa fabric dirty, they crap in our yard, including the fenced in part in the back. They piss around our home. They kill birds. I’ve found a large amount of crap at our side yard, on our side of their fence along our hedge as I was trimming it. They’re nice, but if we wanted all that in our yard, I’d have my own outdoor pets and I think cats should be indoors only, or at the least in your own yard, not roaming.

Our South neighbor shoots guns and sets off illegal fireworks. They have no backstop. Our trees are not a backstop to bullets and our home is not a landing zone for fireworks. Our trees are also, guess what? Our trees. We bought them. We planted them, on OUR land. They’ve cut the bottom limbs of our Leyland’s all the way to the trunk. They don’t grow back when you do that, so we lost the privacy at the bottom. They cut one entire tree down. It died because they have a septic issue and the tree stayed wet. They did replace the 20′ high tree with a 2′ one, but their septic still runs out of the ground on to our land. I won’t even go into the motorhome that often has people staying in it. They need septic repair as our land is not appropriate for sewage runoff.

Our East neighbor doesn’t do any yard work themselves, other than occasionally the one teen daughter will be out there struggling to push a mow through knee-high grass with how knows what left hidden below.  They are younger than us. The yard has been in complete disrepair.  They too set off fireworks and guns, Now, they do great with their dog, better than any other neighbor we have. Their dog stays in their yard and hardly ever barks. We told them they could use some of our land when they first moved in for their kids to play on. They stowed garbage, old timber with nails, tarps, picnic tables, animal cages and chicken houses on it. We put up a hedge 7′ inside our line, and moved most of their stuff that should just go to the dump back on their land,  well we didn’t move the chicken houses off of our land. This year they’ll impede the growth of the trees. They didn’t take care of their pool. It fell in, they left it half tore apart for years. A year or so ago when our hedge was small and new, they asked if someone they paid to do their yard work could park in our driveway turn around to load up the garbage through our hedge. My husband said they could and we looked forward to not seeing trash and rubble. This week, at least a year after the ask, their yard person was hauling stuff through our now taller tree hedge, to a parked truck and trailer, that he blocked our entire driveway with for almost the entire day! I went out to tell him he couldn’t block the drive OR drive on our grass after two more cars joined his. The one closest in the pic…. they drove in front of his parked truck, over our rain-soaked sod to park back in the drive.  We have the gravel driveway lined with timbers. They just drove right over them, and across the sod and grass. We drive slow to not sling gravel into our grass. We don’t drive our cars on our own yard. We don’t haul stuff around and through our hedge or tromp across the tree roots. The yard guy saw nothing wrong with all the cars, blocking our drive, blocking me in, or driving on our grass. Yes, it’s farther for him to take the garbage across the back yard to their drive, but that is not my problem. I didn’t hire him for the tall task of cleaning up years of neglect. If it had been taken care of all along it wouldn’t require dump load after dump load. What if I had an emergency and needed out in a hurry?

Our three North neighbor do okay most of the time. Other than the one who pays no attention to burning conditions starts a fire in his garden then doesn’t stay with it, and when they mow, they have the mower coating our fence in grass clippings

Even the housing development across the street doesn’t care about how what they’ve done affects the neighborhood with their failure to divert the water somewhere other than running across the street and through our yard. We’ve had property on this road since the early 90’s and it never did this until they housing across the street went up.

I don’t really want anyone or anything in our yard but us, our friends, our family or the occasional delivery of something I’ve ordered. Period. 

Enough is enough. We work hard for what we have, our land, our home, our tools, well everything. We’ve poured in lots of time, sweat, energy, effort, and money into what we have. We have a “Private Drive” sign up at the drive for a reason- maybe I should change it to “Private Everything!  Keep out”.  It makes me want to go live on an island, or out in the middle of nowhere with a Constantine wire fence around our land. We don’t have water or trash diverted to any of our neighbors. We don’t go on their land without permission. We contain our fires after we get a permit to burn and we keep it away from our neighbor’s properties including their trees and structures. We are not loud. We want to be treated the same way. 

I’m not saying our neighbors are bad people. They are not. I just feel bombarded from all sides when others use our land and disturb the peace. I doubt they even know about my blog but it made me feel better and unlike the yard guy talking over top of me and not hearing what I was saying, I got to say my peace on here.

I need to find outside security cameras so I can turn the indoor netcams back inside on Tyler.

The choices are so confusing. I like that D-Link will email you a video or still photos and that there is no subscription fee. I like that they use wi-fi, not requiring to be plugged in with an ethernet cord. I like that you can watch live streaming on your phone from anywhere. I like that they work day and night. I don’t love that since they’re made for the inside, they detect tree movement and notify you but they were not designed to detect heat signatures, just movement. I’m using them to do something they were not designed to do.

I’m having a hard time finding ones that will do what I want for outside without having to run power or use batteries that need replacing too often. Most of the time when they say wireless they just mean no ethernet. Many require a subscription. Several are for doorbells and the front door is not the main problem. Most you can log in to view live (some with Alexa only), but I don’t see that any email you push notifications, and they only hold video for a few days without a cloud subscription or some sort of DVR.  Recommendations?

Don’t worry, I seldom rant but here’s my new footer anyway 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Our yard is OUR YARD. Need outdoor security camera recommendations.

  1. Kate Crimmins

    I have no solutions to offer you. Neighbors are tough. My best friend is the worst home owner ever. She has physical limitations but she tried to start her own small scale nursery business with bedding plants. There was crap all over her yard as she got sicker and could neither do the business nor clean up. Eventually her neighbors when to the township to force her to mow. What she really needed was to get someone to dispose of all the wooden horses, trays and old pots (thousands of them) lying around. I talked to her many times but it always fell on deaf ears. I even told her that I would never want to live next to her. In an otherwise nice some residential neighborhood, her yard looked like a war zone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. allenrizzi

    Kim – We have had the same problems in both Italy and here in Etowah. It is so frustrating when someone blocks your drive and simply doesn’t care if you might have to rush to the hospital. When it comes to tray dogs and cats entering your property, you can call the sheriff. They are responsible for animal control but in the end you can’t fix stupid. Our neighbors (the good ones) use game cameras mounted in the trees for security. They take still photos. Another neighbor has a video camera but it needs to run through his ATT wireless router. We are looking into some sort of video link but we need it to work on our Italian internet system as well. Ugh!!!


  3. KiM Post author

    Well right now, I’m suffering from analysis paralysis. I’m used to some of the things the D-Links do that I’ve owned for years and I pretty much want the same thing outside. I think I’ve found one and then while reading the comments I’ll see if only saves the video for 2 hours or you have to get a ladder and climb back up to hard reset them after a lock up or power failure or they won’t work with my wireless router. I did find some IN floodlights but they don’t have the ability to not monitor certain sections (like trees blowing) or they require a subscription to run well. I’ve been using netcams since about 2003 and would hate to add up how much I’d have paid if they (all 9 at times) required subscription fees. I know you can’t make cats stay in your own yard unless you have one of those special fences angled in at the top but I think, especially near busy roads and neighbors that cats should be inside anyway. Then I wonder why I let other people taking advantage tick me off so bad. I’m sure none have given it another thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. AuthorJoePerroneJr

    Sounds like you need to MOVE!! All kidding aside, it’s one thing to have ONE annoying neighbor, but when you’ve got a handful, perhaps it’s time to find another place to live. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the luck in the world. We’re looking to move to a condominium. At least there, you’ve got some kind of redress with the association. Solo home ownership has lots to recommend it, but, in your case, you’ve only got the bad, it seems. So sorry for your troubles.
    Keep your chin up! 🙂



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