Night light

I now have Scorpions Big City Nights song stuck in my head. Even though WNC doesn’t have many big cities, and the theme was “night light” not, “bright lights.”

Night candle lantern 01-27-2019 18.13-sm

When I saw this theme I thought of a kids night light, Gods night lights with the stars and the moon, and lights at night from man-made objects. Even though I actively shot for this theme (at night) I just didn’t have enough time to go to the meeting this month. I am however making some slow progress on our businesses and personal paperwork and taxes. Hubby, I hope jokingly, threatened to take my cameras away until I got it done and highly suggested I do what I say I am going to do and actually keep up with the paperwork all year long instead of having a years worth in the first quarter.

I tried to shoot near the Asheville airport for my “night lights” theme at the camera club. It did not go like I’d envisioned, so I’ll just try again another time. I did get some movements in the clouds though. There were two nice guys at the same spot who told me about an app to track flights. It’s cool but I’m kinda surprised this day and age you can have an app like that. Only a few planes came in during the time we waited and I didn’t do a good job of capturing them either time. Plus billboard lights came on, that messed up my idea of road lights at the bottom and plane light trails at the top. So I wouldn’t be sharing any of those for the clubs theme.

Night lights and flights 02-07-2019 19.34-sm Night lights and flights 02-07-2019 20.13-sm Night lights and flights 02-07-2019 20.16-sm

My best friend had us over and the stars always seem brighter at her house so I took my camera and captured a few. I turned in one of these.

A Parris Night 02-02-2019-3-sm Night 02-02-2019-9-sm

On Valentines, my hubby took me out to dinner and then drove me around trying to find a view overlooking Asheville, NC. We couldn’t find a good place without trees or trespassing, so he tried to get me close to the cranes I’ve been wanting to shoot. We ended up at the Lake Junaluska Power plant. I tried to stay in the parking lot and not get my dress shoes in the red mud from construction. In hindsight, I really really wish I’d moved to somewhere without the black fabric in my shot.

Lake Junaluska power plant at night 02-14-2019 19.43.25-NIkd-sm

Then since hubby was driving, I took some abstract photos of the traffic lights from the passenger seat.

I don’t like nicknacks but I liked the solar lantern I bought so much, I went back to get another so I had a pair! They were calling for snow so I set one up outside on a hook, with bird food below it, hoping to catch lantern light in the snow with a bird or squirrel feeding. None of those three things happened. So I brought it inside and did a photo shoot with some cotton I’d bought for a clients book cover, and then again with Tyler, and finally, with a cat statue, that didn’t have to be bribed with treats.

I shot the train depot on 7th Avenue with some of the camera club friends, in Hendersonville, NC. I played quite a bit with some of them. Here is my before and after for the back side of the depot.

At one point when I had gotten sidetracked off by myself and lost track of time alone on the railroad tracks, one friend came to check on me. Isn’t that thoughtful?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and here are some from the past, not captured specifically for the camera club’s Gimmie Your Best Shot this year.


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    1. KiM Post author

      Thank you Allen. I need to do more night photography. There is one I have on my “capture list” on the parkway for this year. I was in a parking lot with fast food places standing near new construction… think we should switch spots?

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