Still paying for my mistake

P1200010-smThis mistake was avoidable.
The tips to solve it didn’t completely work.
Kicking myself but at least I learned from it.

We have a septic system instead of city water and sewer.  We use a compost bin and we don’t have a garbage disposal. Nothing goes down the toilet except what is supposed to and toilet paper. Food scraps, grease etc is not put down our sink drains.

I don’t enjoy cooking. I tried to use the leftover Mexican flavored meat added to new meat for spaghetti. I put it in the little red strainer to wash off as much of the taco mix seasoning. I did have a bowl under the strainer and threw that water/seasoning/grease mix outside. I did wipe out the red stainer but WAY more grease obviously stayed in those holes than I would’ve thought!

I don’t love our new dishwasher. It leaked when it was brand new. That was fixed. Sometimes the dispenser door doesn’t do right and we have dried soap stuck to the inside of the door under the drawer and down to the base. The heat has cracked every plastic lid we have even though they were on the top shelf. When I get new ones I’ll be hand washing them all.

The first time I opened the door after washing the strainer, it looked like the washer had failed to run. I added more soap and washed the whole load again. This time the dishes looked better but the nonstick pans had a white residue and the plastic filter was coated in grease. I took it out and washed it. I ran an empty load with dishwasher cleaner. Then I added a cup of vinegar to an upright glass on the top rack several times. I actually took it apart as far as I could and cleaned off the greasy residue everywhere I could. We’re talking lots and lots of washes and solution tries here.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I Googled what detergent had the most grease fighting ability. I bought those little packets but they did no better than the old kind of powder I was using, and a few times the little packet was lying unopened in the bottom of the dishwasher. I wouldn’t think for as long as the washer runs it could’ve opened the door, letting the water blast the packet and it remained unopened. I considered using a product hubby keeps in the garage but decided against it.

I read a citrus cleaner would help but was a little leery about messing up the stainless steel interior. I read you could use Kool-Aid or Tang. I happen to still have an unopened canister of Tang from an un-needed Y2K purchase. After 20 years, it didn’t look like we’d be drinking it. I added warm-hot water and Tang to the bottom of the dishwasher and let it sit a bit before running a cycle. I added a scoop to most loads every time after. It looks like it is helping and all that sugar is probably good for the yeast in the septic anyway. At the least, it’s better than more cleaners.

I think Tang’s catchphrase was something like “Tang to the rescue” and in this case, seems to work better than dishwasher cleaner.

Here’s to hoping you never need this info!



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2 thoughts on “Still paying for my mistake

  1. KiM Post author

    I couldn’t agree more. That red thing is probably on a 3×5 or less at the bottom. Won’t use it for that ever again.



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