Tyler’s TR, Feline tooth resorption or FORL, feline odontoclastic resorption lesion and annual visit with dental

I received the postcard from the vet that it was time for Tyler’s annual.  I needed to get passed the anniversary of Trinity’s death following their last visit in February 2018.

After March 2nd we noticed Tyler doing his mouth funny and I looked. I can see he has a FORLs again. I really hesitate to put him under with his heart murmur and it still being inconclusive if he has HCM. I also don’t like the idea of just extracting the tooth or teeth with visible TR without the digital radiograph to see what could be missed by the naked eye. It is obviously going to keep reoccurring and he is only getting older, but he still snoozes in the same paw to knee pose 🙂

So, today on the 1 year anniversary of my “didn’t go right” shoulder surgery, Tyler goes in for his dental.

Here are a few other posts about him and his teeth.
I wanted to wait till after his 2nd heart ultrasound, that is until I saw the red on his tooth.
His last dental https://kimberlyhmaxwell.wordpress.com/2017/02/02/tyler-thursday/
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I read here that Dental radiographs are essential in diagnosing this condition and evaluating the extent of disease. so I’m really hoping my vet has a better way to x-ray Tyler’s teeth now 2 years after the head x-ray.

My vet said they don’t know what causes FORLs so there wasn’t really anything I can do to prevent it. I think he said they are considering it being a calci -something virus. Trinity didn’t have the same teeth issues that Tyler does. My vet said was able to hear Tyler’s heart murmur this time and agreed it sounded like it was a level 2.

The little skin bumps are nothing to worry about. Some sort of subcutaneous sebaceous cyst. We have no idea why he overlicks and looks like his nerves get him.

My vet was open to the idea of CBD for the nerves and arthritis, which has gotten worse, but we didn’t talk dosage or amount of CBD per drop which seems to vary a lot. He did say he’d look into it and call me back.

Tyler has lost some weight, a pound actually. They have him at 15 pounds even. I’ll have to try to get him to stand on my postal scale after he’s recovered and see what it says too.

The blood work and urinalysis all came back fine including the early chem test w. SDMA for kidneys. Everything was within the normal range including big boy’s thyroid. Only things touching the sides of the normal chart on page one were his Glucose at 136 and potassium at 4.0. Urine pH at 6.5. Pate 2 with the ProCyte Dx also had each dot within normal but several of those were touching the low side of normal.

It was just as hard as I thought it’d be going back into my vet’s office. At the last annual visit, I had both of my babies still. My vet had kleenex ready. I was going to wait in the parking lot until Tyler was ready to come back home, but decided I’d do better staying busy at home. Plus, my stomach is upset, I guess from nerves and I slept badly last night.

Moved Trinitys scratherI recently took Trinity’s scratcher and belted it to our bed frame since Tyler insist on still getting on the bed and he looks to struggle a little at times with jumping. This house is so much smaller than our last one!

I stub my toes on it, way more than he decides to use it. I took away the two shelves on his cat tree. He’s just too big and getting too arthritic to need to be up that extra amount.

Okay, I was ready to hit ‘post’ and my vet called to say the dental is over and he’s in recovery. They used just a gas to put him under this time with a nerve block. They pulled the one tooth (lower left 3rd premolar) with FORLs and 2 little teeth on the top (incisor upper arcades or something?) just came out basically on their own. They are doing a little more of a block this time but same azithromycin antibiotic and Buprenex pain med. I can go pick him up sometime after lunch. Our home seems to empty with a furbaby in it. I forgot to ask if Tyler has dissolvable stitches. Also in my haste to not forget anything on the follow-up questions, I wrote ‘do anything differently?” which goes to show me, that I clearly need to be more specific.

Oh, my vet called twice to keep me updated and both times he started with not hello, but “Tyler is okay” — isn’t that thoughtful!

Once home he went to the bathroom, and has gone both #1 and 2, ate, drank and got most of his 1st dose of antibiotic. It looks like his eyes are bothering him worse than his mouth in all honesty. We were left wearing some antibiotic after jerked his head while I was still squirting. I hope 3/4 of the vial will do the trick. I’m going to give him the 1st pain med at 7pm. I’m contemplating putting the blow-up mattress in the floor and sleeping with him in blocked out of the bedroom to keep him from jumping up while on the pain meds.

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      I wish I knew the secret to show what I’m thinking all over my face but my eyes leak often. I’m so glad Tyler came through the dental okay. Happy thoughts happy thoughts….

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