Pot Branch Falls & a friends Rottie


Pot Branch Falls in Bostic 04-03-2019  13.11.34-sm.jpgI didn’t carry the tripod so I didn’t capture my typical waterfall photos of Pot Branch Falls. Should’ve worn my rainboots so I could just walk through the 2 streams getting there. Maybe in several years after I wait for the tree to fall in the middle of the falls, I’ll go back, and the pretty Rotweiller is a friend’s girl.

I think I built this waterfall up to be too much before seeing it because I liked the potholes in the rock. In Adams book, I had my “bucket list red dot” beside it so you think I would’ve carried the tripod on such a short walk, but alas it was a last minute offer to go and I didn’t. I also should’ve taken the time to learn that I need to go farther across the water for the best photo. We saw lots of butterflies here. Note there isn’t much of a cell signal once you get there.

We took the wrong trail the first time but saw fields of these white flowers. ANy of you know what it is?  They had liliac and white flowers with a carrot/parsnip/ turnip-like root blooming early April. They were about knee height and the flower looked similar to a sweet pea.

Pot Branch Falls in Bostic 04-03-2019 12.19.34-sm

The Rottweiler is a friend’s girl. She was outside when we went by his house, so I snapped a few and the neat rusty gas pump.

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3 thoughts on “Pot Branch Falls & a friends Rottie

    1. KiM Post author

      If you go, cross to the other bank and you can see something like in Adams book. Much better than were I stood, but the tree will likely still be there. Also since you get your feet wet anyway, go after a rain so it has some more water coming over.



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