What I’m reading April 2019. Charles

I started The North Country Confessional debut novel by Craig C. Charles back in February when my mom gifted me a signed copy. Hence the Valentine chocolates she gave me. ❤


My mom and the author’s mother are friends and I was intrigued by the cover. I added a pinboard of books added to my “want to read” list.

The intriguing cover art is attributed to Clarissa Yeo at YOCLA Designs. It doesn’t specify so I have to assume she did both, the photographs and the book design. Hence the reason cover designers and photographers need attribution.

I  started it in February when I passed one place where he took the Lord’s name in vain I set it down and wasn’t going to read anymore. I did something I don’t typically do. I decided to try again and hope he didn’t repeat that. I didn’t pick it back up until April. After much computer work, client jobs, and a vacation I started reading it again. It never really caught my interest with so many literary quotes and riddles, or maybe I just had too much going on in my life. I passed one other place where he took the Lord’s name in vain late in the book. Why? really is that added? If I wasn’t near the end I would’ve given up after that.

The very end of the book kinda pulled it all the pieces back together. I also learned it is likely a cicada on the cover and not a dragonfly as I had thought. Still, the cover is what compelled me to want to read the book. On page 202, he left out the word, white, in black and white photo, and there were so many widows in the book design, even on that was literally a quote mark on the last line of a paragraph by itself. Also, I won’t go into details but on the line that said they said it was suicide but the person knew better, they were there when they stepped off the cliff and knew better. Well, stepping off a high cliff is suicide, so not sure if I just read that wrong or what was intended there.

I read the second half to a quote my mom uses that she only says the first part:
“Death Leaves a Heartache No One Can Heal, Love Leaves a Memory, No One Can Steal.”

I had never head this one in full either, “they always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

I went to his website and I see where he is in the process of writing a second book.

I started another Grisham book and I’m about halfway through over the weekend. More on it next month, except to say now I really want to photography cotton fields and farms near me in WNC. If you know of any please pipe in.

Are you an Amazon Prime member?
Every month you get to choose a free book. I typically wait until some of the reviews have come in to pick one. I chose Beyond The Shadow of The Night by Kingfisher for March, on the cover alone. The title of the first one was catchy, the second story sounded like it might be interesting, the third one, that cover. Nice! Not sure when I’ll get to it but you can bet I’ll review it when I do.

because of the cover

If you are interested in having a cover designed or image for your book, visit Design.KimberlyMaxwell.com for more information.

I tend to like thrillers, law, mysteries or Christian based novel. I do not want to read books where they take the Lord’s name in vain, have a lot of graphic violence, about sports and I’m really not into non-fiction history.

Here is my pinboard on NC Authors, and my post about what I think authors want you to know. I will be compiling a pinboard of books added to my “want to read” list.

There is Paperback Swap for those of us who still want to hold a real book in our hands. Here are the books I have to swap or sell. I also have  50+ credits available for purchase at $3. each.

For my other “What I’m reading” post – click that under tags or click this link.
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If we like the same kind of books, I’d love to hear your recommendations ~

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