The making of a pet portrait

I am honored to be trusted to create our friend’s pet portraits. I really think he loves his Rottweilers as much as I love my furbabies.. and that is saying so much.

I even snapped a quick one of their old kitty, Sylvester they inherited when a family member passed. Now to decide if they’d look best on wood, canvas, standouts, metal, acrylic, glass or as framed prints.

Sylvester 04-21-2019 14.49.44-Edit-sm


Hurley April 2019-4 muted-sm Dozer natural portriat sepia-sm

I liked so many of the older dog photos that it was hard to choose the one to spend time editing. I went with the one that looked most similar to the younger one while still letting each personality shine through. On the one where he’s looking through the window from the inside… he was staring at his owner.

I didn’t record while I edited, frankly because I forgot how it is I can do that, plus it would’ve had to have been sped up quite a bit as it was over several days. Here’s a video showing the saved photos along the way from start to finish.

and to not leave the younger dog out, here are the few I snapped outside that day.

If you are local, here in WNC, and interested in having a portrait of your pet made, details can be found on

You don’t realize how important photos are until they’re all you have left other than memories.

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