A- Asheville Rowing B- Bison and C- for Clyde

I had an albino hamster named Clyde, but this was Clyde NC. Surprisingly close to where I just was recently in Maggie Valley, NC.

Clyde NC 05-15-2019  12.20.38-sm.jpg

June and I never found the bakery with the cinnamon buns at Bison Creek Farms that I read about. We did see the bison viewing deck, miniature horses, birds, bunnies, alpacas, and a turkey that stayed fluffed up and huffed at me, a little chipmunk, plus some neat landscape scenes and a castle. I thought when I read the website that reservations were only required for the rentals. When we were making the sharp right hand turn out of the drive at the entrance I did see a sign on a fence post read “no visitors beyond this point”. Not sure why it’d be listed on the website if they didn’t want visitors. If we’d found the bakery we would have purchased breakfast.

Bison Creek-sm

From there we went to see Suzanne and Ricardo Fernandez peonies at Wildcat Ridge Farms that I had read about in Our State magazine.  I think we were about two weeks late. I had hoped to see with my own eyes a truly red peony that didn’t need staking and purchase one. I don’t mean fuchsia pink. I mean red, but many were down to just green stems from either rain, time or clippings. I really need a vehicle with higher clearance!

Wildcat Ridge Peony Farm Collage-sm.jpg

Peony Psalm 103.12-17-sm.jpg

I really love my peony flowers and just wish they lasted longer.  I’ve never seen mine laid over like this before. I bought one and one was an Iris trade with my friend Paula.  Both were moved to our new house and boy did they bloom the best I’ve ever seen this year. They have to be staked and they were all laying in a row over the stake wire.  I had a less artsy version too but chose this edit is what I chose for my 19of52 then added scripture to it. Something I’ve done for years and planned to create at least one per month. My mom saw the photo while she was here for mother’s day and wanted a print copy. My mom and one sister-in-law have more of my work printed than I do!

Tyler birthday eve 04-26-2019 15-sm

Let me share a funny about Tyler. I went out to trim my peonies and brought an ant (hopefully singular) back in with me. Tyler rolled all over the desk where I killed it. He likes smells (Clorox, Sharpies, smoked pork chops etc) I’m wondering if ants omit an odor? I just love that nose crinkle!

Hidden Valley-sm.jpg

From there we went to Hidden Valley Farms, which was our final destination,  other than lunch at Bogart’s. Again, we just wandered around and took photos not sure if there was a place we could shop or talk with the owners. We didn’t see an “open” sign and wondered if we were just in a private yard. No one came out to run us off and it WAS listed on the website with all the other places. Then again I’m guessing not many public places air dry their laundry.

I slowed my car to a crawl so I could stick my camera out the window and get a photo of a flag on a barn we had passed. Didn’t check my camera settings and it was still on manual so I only got a blurry photo while paused in the road. We stopped to capture an old house June wanted to shoot. We pulled off the road for that one which is when I saw that I had was no longer on AF when I shot the one barn from the car.  Oh well, hopefully, she got a good one. When we drove to Hidden Valley we passed a tractor mowing and I thought it looked neat that the mow-line was down the middle of the barn. My thought was I should stop for that because on the way back the entire field would probably be mowed. When we passed he’d quit mowing so we pulled in and I ran back down the road to get the angle I saw when we passed the first time.

Poppies 05-15-2019 14.06.11-sm

After lunch on the way home, I finally stopped to take poppy photos by the interstate. Before I was pulled all the way off the side into the grass I didn’t look that close to the interstate. Opening the car door, knowing if a driver happens to look down to text or something, they only have about 12′ to correct before plunging into my car, looked different when stopped. I did stop closer to home so if an accident happened it’d be closer for hubby to have my body brought home. Well, that and I’d missed the pull off to shoot the fields near Clyde. I didn’t think I’d feel so paranoid. Next time, I’ll wait until I see a rest stop with pretty flowers.

Hubby had to wait for the temps to rise a bit before starting his day outside the home. He said Tyler cried for me for an hour 😦 It’s a good thing this needy boy was adopted by a mom who mostly works from home!

Aville Rowing-sm.jpg

I started reading When the Crickets Cry and just like Grisham’s book, The Reckoning,  making me long to capture cotton fields, Martin’s book made me want to capture a photo of rowing. I did not know the difference in rowing or sculling. Do you? Google says “The basic difference between rowing and sculling is that in sculling each person uses two oars (one oar in each hand), whilst in rowing, each person uses only one oar (both hands on one oar). … Because each rower only has one oar, sweep oar boats must have an even number of rowers”

Another day, another fun photo outing with a photog friend. Marjorie and I got up at 6am to head to where Asheville Rowing Club practices on Saturdays.  When we got there the gate was still locked. When we left the gate was open but there were no spaces left to park outside of it. It was warm so I didn’t expect much fog on the water but we had passed some in fields under a beautiful full moon. I had hopes that the moon would be in the background of the lake photos. I didn’t get the rowing photo I had in my head but still an enjoyable morning. The only regret is not wearing bug spray and looking for goose poop before kneeling to get low photos. After we watched three boats, well four if you count the motorboat, we went and tried Biscuit Head. I ordered biscuits and sausage gravy. Who puts onions in that?! The chocolate espresso bacon was good. We left and went back to another access point at Lake Julian and shot a bit more. It’s nice when you get up early and shoot you still have the entire day free. The park was really busy for it to before 10am on a Saturday.

Marjorie also introduced me to Photopills. I’ll have to compare it Stellarium and Photo Ephemeris. If you know how it compares – pipe in.

Lake Julian collage-sm


That full week left me with a hard choice trying to pick the one photo for week 20 of my 2019Project52.  I didn’t get my mom’s picture taken for week #20 like I’d planned for mother’s day.

Trying to save space on WordPress, I’m trying a new collage maker called PicCollage, I don’t love it. If any of you know of a good quick collage maker like Picassa used to offer,  Please let me know.

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