Fences, Feathers, and Falling down

Fences make good neighbors AND gave me something to enter for CCoH.

Yes, I like a good fence. Here are the three I chose to enter for CCoH’s May theme of “fence.” Below those are others I considered, all taken this year.

Hurley fenced in 05-22-2019 15.08.53-sm Bison Creek Farm 05-15-2019 10.06.27-sm No Entry Fence 02-14-2019 19.16.00-3-sm

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and a few from years passed

The guest speaker at CCoH this month was Rob Travis and boy am I glad I made it to that meeting. I really enjoyed his presentation. His attitude about life is the gravy or icing if you will to his take on photography. To the folks near me at the meeting, I apologize for using my cell to take notes. I forgot my notebook.  If I put bumper stickers on my own car, I’d send him the same one, that read “Sudden Stops for Photo Ops.” Although I did stop in the road to move a stunned female Towhee out of a road last week. Thank you to the cars behind me that didn’t run me over or beep at me. I did it as fast as I could and I didn’t want to take the chance of pulling off to the side and it getting hit. I’d already past it and went back when I realized what I’d seen. Travis said he was a big pre-visualizer. Me too, in fact there is no “off” button for my imagination and the image ideas that pop in my head for photography and book covers both. I get these ideas then want to make them happen. Not to say I’m not still pleasantly surprised by seeing something I just have to capture.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I like bird watching and I wanted to share a few of those. I especially liked the birds in flight; and watching the bluebird and chickadee bringing food to the babies in the birdhouses right outside my office window.  I would love to add more birdhouses all along our fence. Here are a few other bird pics I wanted to share from back when I captured the woodpecker in flight for one of my 52 weeks.

Red Bellied Woodpecker in flight 5of52 02-01-2019-sm-smbirds in flightChickadee mom 05-07-2019 3-smBluebird parent 05-16-2019 08.13.25-sm-smChickadee parent 05-16-2019 09.06.05-2-smbird 12-sm

Do you see the heart shape on the back of the Downy woodpecker below?

Redbellied Woodpecker 01-28-2019 08.13.00-2-sm

And finally, stuff falling down, falling in, and falling over. I pretty much like old buildings regardless of the shape they’re in.

Lastly, a question related to painting (for photography). I bought a few vinyl backdrops at the end of last year, that are just not working for me as planned, plus a small piece of printed canvas. Have you ever painted over vinyl or canvas with a matte paint that allowed you to still roll up the backdrop without the paint flaking off? If so, how’d you do it and what kind of paint do you recommend? I’m pretty sure acrylic is the way to go on the canvas but not sure that will work on vinyl?

I’m still working on my computer, my email is still an ongoing battle, and meeting appliance repair people while trying to keep the blog up to date, the house presentable, make dinners, play and cuddle with Tyler, errands, some outside yard work and goof off when it’s not blistering hot outside.

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