Gotcha Day and Book Birthday week.

This week was the 12 year adoption anniversary of Tyler and Trinity.

Tyler did not want to cooperate with the hat my mom gifted me with. I don’t like nick-nacs but I really liked the hat! Thank you, mom.  I had intended to try photos again later that day but I went to Walmart. Need I say more. I really hate going there. I was in the check out for 30 minutes. No, seriously,  30 minutes. I didn’t find half of what I needed and with the store remodel still going strong no one knew where anything was. I would love to see a cashier at every checkout. I was so irritated when I made it back to my car it was a wonder I didn’t get a ticket going home. My nerves were shot and AC/DC Thunder was playing. Back to shopping online for me! So, Tyler did get the de-shedder spring grooming and treats, just not the completed photo session. Of course, extra extra lovin to celebrate their Gotcha Day. I will make it up to him. The 4th was national is Hug Your Cat Day too.


It’s also the You Had Me at Meow book birthday that I felt compelled to write when Trinity started having seizures. It was released for print right about kitten season time even though that may seem like a well planned out idea, it was pure coincidence.

Thank you to all who have told someone about the books, purchased or left positive feedback.  I hope it has helped at least one person and in turn helped some wonderful cats find a loving forever home. My book, You Had Me at Meow Considerations Before Adopting Your Cat, has now been out four years. I appreciate all of you who’ve spread the word, purchased or left a positive review of any of my books.

and Trinity, we all still miss you, sweet girl. You left pawprints on my heart and left us too soon.

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