Prints, Curves and a high-pressure water injury accident.

2019 Print comp-sm

I wasn’t going to enter the print competition because I spend too much time and too much money having prints printed, mating or backed, choosing three and then storing prints that I don’t have room for…. but then, I did. Congrats to all the winners! I’m not sure which photo was marked which but my #s were 11, 31 and 51 so I can go back and see their score at some point.

2019 print comp finals

I’ve never found a way to get a photo unstuck without leaving a residue or damaging the print to go back to single photo storage. I’m not even going to say what I spent on printing this year in case my dear hubby reads this post. (love you, honey). Let’s just say it’s the most ever. I did have an ulterior motive though this year. I am contemplating selling prints and I need to see them printed for myself in person before selling to others. I used the same adhesives as last time but did buy some more foam boards and mats. The prints had to be larger than 8×10 so all the 6×9’s I had ordered were out, and matted smaller than 16×22, so my pano’s mated were out.  Maybe next year I’ll use some of the ones already done from years past.

Here are the three I choose to enter this year.  Surprising the macro of the snowflake rated the lowest of my three. I hope next year at the meeting end that they do something different instead of stacking all the prints and everyone having to paw through them to find theirs.

Chicory sm Peony flower 05-10-2019 15.36.36 10-sm

Winter Details

Winter Details Won Contest Finalist in Winter In Black And White Photo Contest and Community Choice Award.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to go after all that because my husband injured his finger when it went right in front of the nozzle of a 4000 psi pressure washer. Turns out high-pressure water injuries are often way worse than they appear, even if they appear pretty darn bad.  It didn’t help he sat in the ER for 6 hours before seeing a doctor.  The meeting fell after the injury and ER visit and before the surgery we’d hoped to avoid before infection set in. What also fell on Tuesday was me somehow locking my keys in the car when I put the prints in and having to call him at 9pm to come with our other set of keys. I didn’t think my car would let you do that, but I was proven wrong. That’s what I get for wearing pants without pockets and having my car keys in my purse, that I also set in the front before going around to get in the drivers side to leave. Thank you to those of you who asked if everything was okay!

My mom asked for a 24×36 print of the peonies. I went by to take a look and took a quick snap with my cell, hence the reflections in the glass but she’s happy with it. 🙂

I had LOTS of ideas for “curves” in Best Shot that must be taken this year (not within a year, but this year, these ideas floated around my head: Tyler’s whiskers, a fingerprint, a game ball, open book, inside washer/dryer, venus fly trap, screen saver w. sphere or water glass, spider web, lightbulb, long exp water over rocks, tree bark, grapevine stem, flower stamen or petal, beer bottle, mustard bottle against blue or teal, fork, spoon, egg, string instrument, bridge, grass in wind, shell, decorative summer balls I have, a geese neck, smoke, yellow curvy line in road, tree near skinny dip falls, plane parts like propeller, my car side, ponytail, horse backside, plant edge from Biltmore, noodles, mac cheese on fork, playground equipment, nail being pulled out with hammer, crops, cemetery headstones, macro of an onion, arc from grinder being used and flying sparks, water from a hose, umbrella, mushrooms, pear, railroad, ballerina shoes on tiptoe, hard golf swing on club flex, boot toe tops over a view, corn on the cob kernels, church arches, moon, fern, arm muscle, macro of money. There is no “off” switch when I start thinking about shoots.

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