Joining my photo friend Paula on a shoot.

While Paula did her client photos I walked around and ended up taking one of my favorite photos I titled Make a Wish.

make a wish-sm

Never a dull photo outing with Paula! I’m always glad when I can tag along. Every once in a while she’ll ask me to hold a reflector but mostly I tag along to watch her work. I always like seeing what comes out of her camera when especially when I saw what went into the capture. We absolutely don’t shoot the same subjects. Paula shoots mostly people, and I capture anything but.

Paula 06-11-2019 10-sm

Yes, that is her IN the creek. Not sure how many photographers would go that far you go for their clients?


Thanks for letting me play with your new Sony camera too, even if it did take me forever just to find the ‘on’ button. Here are few I captured just for fun while she worked.

We missed a turn going back to my car but hey we saw deer even if the person in the truck didn’t really want us there.

Oh, deer. I wasn’t ready for the movement, it was almost dark plus they were probably 70′ away.

deer jumping collage

This outing was several weeks ago, but an older photo popped up in my Facebook reminders from when Paula and I were up at Jump Off Rock after another one of her shoots where we saw a storm, a fire, sunbeams AND a sunset all at the same time.



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