Flowers + Fireworks = Flowerworks

Flowers like fireworks-4-sm

Our neighbors blast fireworks starting the end of June and continue well past the 4th. I swear none of them have pets that are bothered by them, that or they don’t care!

Why does anyone need to set off their own at their home anyway? It’s not like they can keep the little bombs in their own yard and it’s not like we live out in the middle of nowhere. Aggh!

We usually go watch the fireworks in town but this year we just were not up to it. I tried again to see if my camera would do focus pull to make fireworks look like flowers. It still does not. Maybe the next one?

So I went out to our flowers to do multiple in-camera exposures that to me, resembled fireworks. Nice quiet fireworks, shot during the day so we could be in at night (and the night after that, and the night after that) to be near Tyler.

I did use this one below for my 2019project52 I’m doing with Taylor and Paula.

I threw in a few ICM (intentional camera movement) photos too of our Zinnias. So that will have to do until I get a camera that I can adjust zoom during a long exposure.

In fact, I STILL heard booms going off last night. July 11th.

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2 thoughts on “Flowers + Fireworks = Flowerworks

  1. Kate Crimmins

    We’re still hearing them. A house burned when the kids next door set the back porch on fire with wayward fireworks. *bangs head on table* What parent would allow that unsupervised and so close to another house?

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  2. Edie Chase

    I kind of want rain every year on the 4th, but then you end up with idiots blowing off fireworks at random times for the next two weeks or so. At least 90% of the people with fireworks shoot them the week of the 4th. My animals thankfully don’t mind them but the wild bunnies and myself, we hate them. Your flowers are beautiful.

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