But I don’t like pink

I am behind on getting my post up here again but when I saw this post on social media, I  wanted to get this one up. If I’d just stop taking photos for a while, like a month, maybe I’d get caught up.

Tyler window film-sm

I used a static cling window film in our last house on one bathroom window, but in this house, I  put film on three windows.

The first film went on our (second) front door so it was harder to see in and to block some of the sun, that and hopefully make it look like a door company shouldn’t knock on. Tyler and Trinity both used to look out the front door at our last house so I cut out strips of the colors out at their height, so they could see out.  If they angled a bit they could see past the grill you see in the photo.

I added a plain frosted one to our bathroom window again just for privacy and I thought I was done.

However, then I bought two orchids. I was quickly killing them.  This house is mostly shade or full sun without much partial sun. I had hubby add a wider sill to the window in the mudroom so I could have some plants. The carnivorous plants like the full sun. The orchids did not. I didn’t get a photo of either before they looked sickly and have now lost all flowers.

I had purchased two different designs for the door and went digging through the closet looking for the one I didn’t use because it had too much pink. I put it up then cut out every color rectangle I didn’t like. Problem solved. We now have partial sun! I was pretty pleased with myself until hubby asked if I cut the film while it was on the window. I didn’t think I was pressing hard enough to cut glass as half the time my blade didn’t cut all the way through the film. With cheap static cling stained glass, it’s not permanent (unless I did cut the glass) so if the next homeowners don’t want it they can just peel it off.

If you want the static cling film too, know they do make some that actually sticks that I have never used. For our door, it required two for that pattern. Some film does come long enough to do a door but the one I liked didn’t. Once it is up, you can’t see the split caused by using two put together.

A note on the venus fly trap pictured. I bought it with the fly.  I swear I think they feed the plant flies, because neither the Venus Flytrap or the Sundew I had ever caught a thing. I just think they look neat.

Custom faux stained glass-sm

Custom faux stained glass-3-sm

Custom faux stained glass-4-sm

Venus Fly trap 05-27-2019 16-sm Venus Fly trap 05-27-2019 4-e-sm

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