Deva Curl compared to Controlled Chaos. Brassy, curly and gray hair that I have, and what I’ve learned in my 40’s.

FYI the entire post is about hair and hair products

Curly Kim Aug 2018 (4)

I saw a gal with beautiful curly hair at Chick-fil-a. It was after I had already discovered Controlled Chaos but went to ask her what she used anyway. She said, Diva Curl. I like that with CC you have one product for defining curls which I found out was not the case with DC. So I answered their questionnaire, a few different ways if I was between answers and then bought a sale package with some extra products thrown in. I’m am sticking with Controlled Chaos. Your mileage may vary.

Probably like lots of curly gals my curls are not the same all over. The back bottom part near my neck is the curliest and shrinks up the farthest in tighter curls, the bangs and top back are hardly even wavy and the rest is somewhere in between.  It’s all frizzy and dry and grows slower than a child waiting on Christmas.

Diva Curl Be Leave In I liked pretty well is the only one I might buy again but it is close to the price of CC that I like better.

Diva Curl Wavemaker. Completely under-impressed, about the same feel as Bouncy curl. Looks wet, but not crunchy. Would not buy again.

Diva Curl Light defining gel. Defined curls? no, not so much but it did make my hair a little bit crunchy, hard and stiff compared to CC. Even before I squeezed to “break the ‘crunch’ my hair curls were not staying together. There was frizz. There were strays. Would not buy again.

Deva-Syle-cream-L-LDGel-R-6-hrs-smDiva Curl Styling cream left side.Diva Curl Styling cream right side. Both looked fizzy and curls didn’t stay together. Put both on wet hair. Used diffuser everywhere except my bangs that I pulled with my fingers. It was misting out and I ran errands. The difference is when I put it on before I left and 6 hours later. Both had frizz galore, curls were not defined. I thought the gel did a scooch better but not enough to buy either again.

Diva Curl Styling cream. Not as crunchy as the defining gel, but still frizzy, a little more than the Light Defining Gel when I tried putting half on one side of my hair and the other on the other half. Would not buy again.

Diva Curl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam was not for me. I hated it when I put it in and dried my hair with a diffuser. I also put it in and let it dry naturally but it still frizzed and didn’t hold the curls together in the least. Would not buy again. Gave full bottle to my mom.

Diva Curl Melt into Moisture is intended to be an intense hair moisture mask put on before you shower, not as a leave-in product. If I use just a little I like it as a defining leave in product.

Diva Curl Wash Day Wonder is for tangles. I don’t get many tangles. Guess I don’t have enough hair. I tried it. Didn’t need it. Will use the glycerin heavy product in photography instead.

Diva Curl No-Poo shampoo and One Conditioner. I’ve posted before that I lost my sense of smell years ago after a cold turned into something else and hung around 6 weeks. When I finally kicked it I realized I’d lost my ability to smell. Every once in a while I’ll catch a fleeting whiff of something, but it seems like it’s never coffee, a good meal, a flower or popcorn… it’s something stinky. This shampoo stinks to me. Disclaimer: occasional I get the wrong smell, like I know what bacon cooking smells like but sometimes that smells like household cleaner so this may have no bad odor to you. It said it was a no suds/lather shampoo and they’re right about that. I don’t know how it really does on hair because when I use it I have to put on some stronger smelling leave-in product so I quit getting whiffs of it.

I tried 3 “new-to-me products” recently. One was Frizz-Ease Dream Curls. Felt like hair spray on my hands, did not define curls, did not help at all with frizz. My hair looked and felt dry.  Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Conditioner was crunchy, didn’t define curls or keep frizz at bay, but didn’t look wet.   Twisted Sista 30 Sec Curl Spray felt like basically oil in a spray bottle.  It’s not enough by itself to control frizz or clump my curls, but for adding a bit of oil on dry strands it was nice to have the option to spritz.


I have learned quite a bit since I quit trying to make my curly hair be straight. It still amazes me that I didn’t learn this stuff earlier in life. I guess most girls get hair tips from their moms, but my mom’s hair is not the same texture or color. Here are a few of my take-a-ways.

For curls. Don’t wash every day.  When you do wash, wash more of your scalp than your hair, enough shampoo gets on the hair for the dry texture most curly gals have. Condition more of the hair, not the scalp. If blow drying, use a diffuser— period. Touch and move it as little as possible. Actually regardless of how you dry, until it is completely dry just don’t touch it. Moisturize it to death, especially the ends.

I do think a silk pillowcase works. It is not a miracle cure for frizzies but I think it does help. Not the sateen 100% polyester ones that are cheap. They’re just smooth, slick and hot to sleep on, but 100% pure Mulberry silk. The price varies quite a bit. I paid $30 for the one I got years ago.

If someone knows how to make curly hair be wavy, you know the not air-dried curls, but not the pulled straight with the blow dryer or straightener I’d love to know.  I don’t have that figured out yet.

For Brunettes. I wish I had learned this back before I had so much gray. They make tinted blue and teal shampoo and conditioners for us just like the purple one for blondes and gray-haired people. Who knew?

Brass be gone from my hair-sm

No matter how cool and ashy a brown hair dye I buy, within a few weeks, my brown hair takes on the brassy red, orange tones of a bad penny. In addition to the brown glaze I used once per week, I am now using a very blue shampoo by Joico and a teal conditioner by Pravana. You ask “why not the set” well, my hair has orange and red tones when the permanent dye job fades a few weeks after taking the time to dye it.

I don’t like the bottle of the teal though. You can’t set the bottle upside down and takes too many hard shakes of the bottle to get the product down the long neck. The (very) blue shampoo does seem to take out the brass but the first time I tried it I had used level 3 permanent dye and it took some of the dye out too. Before (top) and after (bottom) were taken on the same day one wash apart.  Both times I pulled my hair straight while blow-drying.

after 1 blue wash-sm

On the color wheel, green is opposite red, and blue is opposite orange. Just like in a photograph when you try to use complementary, or the opposite, colors my brain thought that’d be a good idea to combat the brass.  I do have to be careful though as my hair grows not to get it on the roots as it will turn the gray the color of the shampoo if left on too long. For the first time EVER, I’m thankful my hair grows slow. This will likely be the last year I keep dying it brown. I don’t mind gray hair but didn’t want to go all-natural until my whole head was gray instead of the skunk look I had happening when I started dying it again.



I am changing from level 3 permanent to level 2, demi/semi-permanent. My hair turns red-orange anyway so I may as well do less damage to it if it’s going to need dyed once per month. Also since the level 2 doesn’t lift like level 3, the darker hair is not being lightened.

I am wondering before dying again if there is something you can put on strands of your hair, like conditioner, vaseline or something that would keep the brown dye from being accepted and look like highlights?

I lose a lot of hair in the shower and I want to be as nice to it as I can be.  As in drag my hair off the drain every shower and pull all the strands off my fingers after applying product, before washing, to keep from stopping up the sink. I don’t know how I’m not bald losing that much and knowing how slow it grows.

When I am no longer blotchy gray in weirdly shaped areas, I look forward to hopefully healthy white hair. I think my hair looks like I have more of it when you can see color but I don’t plan on dying it for the rest of my life.

If you have white countertops in your bathroom and dye your own hair at home— let me give you a tip. Put old towels down everywhere but the sink and coat the sink with dish soap without rinsing until after you’re done.  It provides a little layer so you have less scrubbing the brown off your totally white cultured marble tops. At our home, the hair dye and the color toned shampoo and conditioner need to be rinsed off your tub and shower too if they’re white. This is our first house with totally white and every drip and splatter was showing.

One last thought I forgot to put on here when I first uploaded it. Both DevaCurl and Controlled Chaos recommend hairstylists that have been taught to specifically cut curly hair while it is dry and in its naturally curly state. Read that again.

I don’t like my hair cut wet because it stretches too much and too much gets lopped off. It’s the general understanding that curly hair be cut while it’s curly so the stylist can see how the curls fall and us curly girls have shrinkage as the hair dries. I lose inches from wet hair to dry. Not as much as a 4c does, but if my hair is cut wet and I get a “trim” it’s really a hack. Since the back bottom of my hair is the curliest, it has more shrink. Even when my hair is cut in a significant “U” shape so the middle back bottom is the longest it will still shrink/curl up and be shorter when dry than the hair above it. The straighter hair above it then lays over it weird. That is why I need layers. I switched to Jodi after a cut that was just wrong in so many ways. She wants it dried straight to cut it but she knows what a trim is. She really listens and understands what I mean when I say “layers long enough to pull back in a ponytail but short enough to keep me from getting the triangle shape” she also understands that when the less curly areas get too long that they don’t curl as well. I do blow dry it straight for her, but almost every time after it’s cut I’ll run by in hopes of catching her so she can see it curly. Most importantly she knows how slow my hair grows and knows the meaning of a trim! She talks to me while she cuts my hair, not everyone else in the salon. She asks questions and she verifies what she will do before she cuts it.

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4 thoughts on “Deva Curl compared to Controlled Chaos. Brassy, curly and gray hair that I have, and what I’ve learned in my 40’s.

  1. Kate Crimmins

    This was interesting to me. I have similar hair but maybe less curl on top. When my back looks great, the front doesn’t and the reverse. I have been blowing out most of the curl because the top doesn’t match. My last attempt at a product was Redken Fashion Wave Sea Salt Spray to hopefully encourage the curls. Didn’t like it. No more curls and it was sticky (or I don’t know how to use it properly). Generally I like Redken products and use their noblow airy dry (even though I use a diffuser). As for hairloss, several months ago I bought a scalp massager. It’s a hand held thing with rubbery tips that you use to massage your scalp when it’s wet. I love it (mostly for the feel — it’s like the massage I get at the hairdresser) but it’s supposed to help with blood circulation. I don’t know if it does diddly squat but it sure feels good. Someone told me once that to keep the curl structured, I shouldn’t comb it after it’s washed. I have to work up to that because it feels wrong.

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