Caves, 6 Falls, the early morning moon, an archer, doves, and dragonflies… makes for a hard choice for 29of52 #2019Project52 +finger update.

Linville Caverns 07-13-2019 13.16.36_-sm

I’d been to Linville Caverns so long ago that no part of it look familiar or was tucked away in my memory. That may be a good thing because it mostly it was wet, cramped and the only thing I really heard was to watch our heads. We were with family so that made it all okay, just spending time with them. I took four photos but the only one I liked was the cobweb I saw while we were waiting.

Hubby and I have been to Linville Falls several times. The family said they were up to one of the trails to an overlook. You can go the right from the visitor center and get to 3 or 4 overlooks with better views of the lower double falls, or you can go to the left to Plunge Basin Overlook and see the big drop. The vote was for seeing the large drop. We got up to the falls and darned if the rock overlook wasn’t flooded. I don’t me muddy, I mean above hiking boots of standing water from the trail steps side. The guys all went above the overlook and came in from the wrong side.  A little too close to an unprotected ledge for my taste to stay up there to the right on the rock ledge, so I went down into the overlook from that side and stood in the muddy area in the corner but not the standing water blocked the way to the steps. Wish we knew and had picked one of the others this time. If my family wants to go back again we’ll do the other side, and possibly the Duggers Falls that is at the end of the parking lot. When we were leaving some Idiot!! put his little Pomeranian size dog ON TOP of the rock overlook ledge to take photos of it. Poor thing was scared, shivering and panting. Some people should just not have pets!

Linville was it with the entire family. I actually had my cousin and niece agreeing to get up really early and see the sunrise on the BRP, a waterfall and then breakfast at Pisgah Inn. I think that is going to be a one-time thing. Since it was overcast and cloudy with AM rain in the forecast, I decided to wait and hope she’s willing to go another time. I think if she sees how stunning it is just one time, she’ll be more willing to get up that early to see it again. I really think my entire family would love it. Hint Hint. I mean we can all take naps later and there is nothing like it. Anway so the sunrise outing was canceled and we decided to meet for breakfast and do a waterfall.

On the way to pick up my Shay and Tay, I was early and decided instead of just waiting at the house I’d head her way and stop and shoot a lake if there was fog. There wasn’t fog, so I photographed an old house instead. Then when I pulled in their drive I was still early so I busied myself shooting some things in the yard like flowers, a windmill, and a dragonfly. Unfortunately, Tay’s ankle was hurting so she bailed on us. 😦

at Mayberrys 07-14-2019 08.43.07-smThen off to try breakfast at Mayberry’s in Brevard. YUM!

I don’t often take photos of my food but this was new to me.

We both ordered an unusual breakfast sandwich then traded halves so we both got to try their Wafflewich and Frenchwich. I think we may be on the start of a new tradition. FYI our church does offer their service online and we can hook the computer up to the TV. I know it’s not the same as fellowshipping but we don’t get to see my cousin and family near often enough.

Moore Cove Falls with Shay on a Sunday morning was so nice to of a visit. If you’re gonna play hooky from church to be with family, in the woods with a waterfall is the way to go. I couldn’t believe how many people were there though.

Then we said our goodbye’s until they come back again

Hubby said we could have one day this week to goof off together even if it was just part of a day. He’s behind on work with his finger injury but it seems like forever since we got to go waterfalling. I picked at least four areas in the waterfall book and let him pick which area we headed. I’m happy going to any of them, and I want to see them all so it really doesn’t matter to me which order we go.

First up was Dill Falls or Dills Falls. My car could have had higher clearance, but it wasn’t the worst road we’ve had it on. They’d been doing logging but we had the whole road and falls to ourselves. It was pretty and easy to get to, but the bugs were horrible. Seems Deep Woods OFF wasn’t working.

On our way to Chestnut Falls we passed either Courthouse Creek of Kiesee Creek. Don’t know the name but you can pull off the road just over the bridge for this beautiful view.

Courthouse Creek 07-15-2019 11.35.57-sm

Chestnut Falls 07-15-2019 11.58.45-smThen to Chestnut Falls. Lots of trees down, Completely lost the trail several times, and I use the word “trail” loosely. We had on shorts and were bushwhacking with our walking sticks before each step looking for snakes, yellow jackets and hornets nests. Several times we just stood still looking to see which way we thought the trail used to go. We did see odd-looking mushrooms? that looked like they belonged on the ocean floor. Not the red one to the left, the two on the video. The falls were probably prettier than I felt about it at the time we were there. Let’s blame my grumpy, sweaty bad opinion of my thyroid wreaking havoc on my system. Well, that or the fact that my new small lens ball started to roll off the rock and what I’d do? I reach out and slammed it to a stop, putting scratches in it.

Chestnut Falls 07-15-2019 12.36.16-sm

Would’ve been better to let it roll off and pick it up out of the water, but nope, that’s not what my reflexes did. At the start of this hike, something caught my eye as it fell to the ground. I turned to look and it was a large blue butterfly and a large yellow butterfly. I kinda doubted that different species mate (I’m picturing a teal butterfly baby here) but unless they were fighting, I don’t know what else they’d be doing locked together like that. I read this too “Male butterflies have genes which give them a sexual preference for a partner with a similar appearance to themselves”.

Chestnut Falls 07-15-2019  11.55.51-sm.jpg

Courthouse Falls was BUSY. A group of kids, a lady and her dog that didn’t like other dogs, the couple with the two dogs the little dog didn’t like,  a couple with the female in a dress and sandals, two girls in batching suits with big towels, and I’m probably forgetting others. What a busy place but the rounded rock amphitheater at the base of the falls is just cool. There was a large tree down at the top that cut the view off some but it was still a really pretty waterfall. There were lots of blue butterflies puddling.

Courthouse Falls 07-15-2019 13.37.10-sm


We called it a day. My legs were all scratched up and somehow I’d ended up with mud splattered up my legs.

But wait, there’s more. 🙂 I’d been to Mill Shoals Falls, French Broad Falls, Living Water Falls, Elysium Falls or Twin Falls…. whatever you want to call it with photo friends after visiting Eastatoe Falls, and low and behold we were driving right by it.

Mill Shoals Falls Living Water 07-15-2019 14.22.19-sm

Hubby pulled in and we took a quick look because Living Waters Ministry was getting ready to hold an event there. A guy stopped us on our way to the falls and said there were other falls down the trail. Sure enough, back at home reading Adams waterfall bok and it says there is Bird Rock Falls/Cathedral Falls. The guy said we had about 20 minutes since so we just looked quickly and got out of their way. But now, I want to go back. I’m glad they share the falls with others. I’ve heard that won’t be the case with the new owners of Eastatoe Falls. The previous homeowners were so generous.

I am not complaining here, just making an observation since hubby is going waterfalling for me and it’s not his thing. My thyroid has been off for several weeks and I’ve just been dragging and hating the heat. I picked waterfalls that were listed no harder than a #5 that are higher in elevation. Turns out after we were home five days, I got my photos off the camera and started going through them. I had to get the book back out to remember the names. I read that we were right beside two that we didn’t do. There is an Upper Dill Falls, and then not far past Courthouse Falls there is  Cody Falls. That’s what I get for not doing more reading after hubby picked which area he was willing to go with me.  Next time we are in Hub 28, Balsam Grove… I know of two I want to see and I would like to add the ones near Mill Shoals too. Note. They’re also in the book.


Later in the week, I did a non-typical portrait photoshoot with a friends daughter, Taylor who is an archer. I wanted a shot for “depth” for the July CCoH critique theme.  I wanted it last year for “perspective” which to me is a lot like “depth” IMO. We totally missed it last year. This year we were down to the final day with a plan to meet at 6pm. That is about as late as I could possibly shoot it and get a photo-ready for the CCoH entry deadline. Then on that last possible day, the weather forecast was calling for showers by 1pm so we ended up doing the photography session at the worst possible time of day — high noon. I’ll have more on this when I make my post for “depth” later in the week. This one has too much in it already.  I typically only do pet photography and felt outside my wheelhouse capturing a human, doing a sport no less. She was very patient with me.

29of52 Dove baby-sm.jpg

Then my wonderfully compassionate hubby pointed out doves with a baby. Every time he tried to go in or out of our driveway, one of the parents would get in the road. He waited or went around every time. I love that he has a big heart. He let me know they were out there and that I might want to drink my coffee nearby to run the neighbors cat, Charlie off. The doves happen to choose one of the two trees in our yard the neighbor’s cats like to get under. I decided to work in the yard to keep an eye on them longer. Looks like the baby was more than content to lay on the ground all day instead of figuring out this flying thing.

Dragonfly 07-20-2019 10.01.37-sm

And on Saturday I captured a large dragonfly when I went out to pull weeds. I’m not sure how many photos that actually was this week but From Sunday the 14th to Saturday the 20th I know it was really hard to pick just one!  When I have a hard time choosing one, I try to pick the one that means the most to me because of what I was doing when I shot it or one that can never be shot again.

Tyler 06 24 2019 1-sm

Tyler started limping Saturday afternoon. He’s been looking like it took more effort to get going when he gets up but he’s never limped like this.

The vet said he had arthritis pretty bad in one of his back legs, I’ll have to go back and look to see which one.

In this photo, you can see why his middle name is Tarheel 🙂

The vet never did call me back to give me the CBD oil brand and dosing 😦 I know it depends on how much concentration there is in each drop and every manufacturer is different. I upped his Cosequin, ordered Dasequin,  and added one drop of the CBD regular strength. I’m out of the advanced that I take.  I’ll call my vet Monday and see if he’s looked into it yet. I don’t want to see my boy hurting when he doesn’t have to and I think the CBD oil would be good for his nerve problem too. I may look into a low carb weight management food or try to feed more wet than dry. Ragdolls are big cats, often with a fat pad on their belly but he could stand to lose some weight and make it easier on his joints and heart…. Couldn’t we all?

I need to get Tyler set up for his second echocardiogram and ask if they can do a true close up dental x-ray while he’s there too. This time I want to plan it where we are not stuck in traffic like lst time when he looked like he was going to be sick in the car.

I’ve got a funny to tell you. This house has a mud-room that’s a few steps lower than the kitchen and a few more into the garage where we keep an old fridge. I moved Tyler’s second water bowl from the mudroom to the sunroom so he could stop using the steps. He prefers that one, Trinity did too, over the one near his food. So, shortly afterward I moved the water, hubby was limping with his aching bod to get an ice-cold beverage out of the garage fridge when he commented something like sure, I’d move Tyler’s drink to all one level but he still had to go to the garage for his 🙂 Difference is, he can speak human AND take some ibuprofen when he’s hurting bad enough to do so. I’m learning we are among the majority with an extra old fridge stored in the garage. Since Tyler wasn’t my over-the-edge pee’r, I was going to just take the 3/4 top off the litter boxes but I wondered if he’d gotten used to not having to squat so I switched out one of the boxes for the NvrMiss. The entry height isn’t that much different but since he kinda stood on his hind legs to use the potty, I thought he’d like more room again. When we lost Trinity I didn’t want to change anything with the litter but it’s been 16 months so I did one and will see which her prefers. He kept using both so I left both out. I also stopped using the latch on the bi-fold door so he could go out the human door instead of the Lassie size doggie door. I may look into getting some padded runners since most of the house is hardwood floors.

Today is one month on since his high-pressure water injury. We *think* he’s done losing skin that has died. He still can’t bend it very far even pushing with his other hand and has a hard time straightening it too. The doctor said it may be swollen for a year. He still has pain in his fingers, including more than the middle finger and pain down into his knuckles and hand. The numbness from the last knuckle to the end of the fingertip instead of going away is increasing down his finger to the middle knuckle. He can not tolerate any ice packs or cold for even a minute. Some days it is more purple and red and he now has a knot at the end of one of the suture areas, but he’s getting there. It took just over 3 weeks for the open area to close where he could get it wet without cleaning it afterward. He is back to work… and golf when time allows. He is doing daily PT at home. ONe month (Small)

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7 thoughts on “Caves, 6 Falls, the early morning moon, an archer, doves, and dragonflies… makes for a hard choice for 29of52 #2019Project52 +finger update.

  1. Kate Crimmins

    Stunning photos! Poor Tyler. I hate to watch my pets age. This year I realized that Mollie is 15. She’s a peanut at 7 lbs but I can see the difference. Boo! Glad hubby’s finger is better. Surprised he can play golf but that’s good. I hate summer injuries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KiM Post author

      He can’t grip the club like normal but it seems to have improved his score 🙂 Seems like just yesterday we brought TnT home. I should’ve started more than I did for his aging joints especially since he’s a big boy. Skeamer was over 17 so age 12 1/2 just doesn’t seem old to me.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. KiM Post author

      Allen, I hope you’re not disappointed. It’s nothing like Mammoth Cave in KY but then again it’s only nine bucks 🙂 but if you save time to see the nearby falls it will make a better trip IMO.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. KiM Post author

    Now I’m really kicking myself for not looking at the book more before we headed out! You’re right it is hot, but I promise you my thyroid is what is making me so tired, even if I don’t do anything or have just gotten up. I feel like it’s headed back closer to normal but not quite there yet. How do I message my email to just you? I see you have a contact on your page. I’ll try that. I have the list of 200/250? and the 500. I haven’t done the lower one yet. My list is under a tab at the top. Thank you for the offer.



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