Depth for CCoH includes an archer photoshoot with the talented Taylor Hopkins

I only had three ideas for this “depth” theme, and they’re the same ideas I had last years “perspective” theme. One was a close-up macro, photo stacked to get all the detail front to back and, one was of a golf shot coming at me where hubby was in the background and the ball was close, the other was of Taylor hopefully with the tip of her arrow to her eye all in sharp focus.

Here are the three I sent in this year for the CCoH critique by Walter Arnold. I looked for a reference I’d seen a long time ago that showed a sailboat. One placed it in the upper third of the frame, the other the lower third. One, I think the one higher in the frame made it look a greater distance away. I thought of that when Arnold was talking about cropping photos but I never could find the example again.

All three of those I had to combine photo stacked photos to keep them sharp front to back. I don’t have a stacking program other than what my old Photoshop will do.

Here are some others I considered.

I didn’t save the individual photos on the Venus flytrap, but here is a post from one from the dice photo.

On Taylor, I did not get the shot I had envisioned. Between her dad and my hubby drilling into my head that even though she is a very capable archer, anything could happen and I could not stand in front of her while the bow and arrow was pulled back. I’m sure there is another word for that? The Locked and Loaded song by Jackyl comes to mind.

I set up my cameras but first one of my tripods would not hold my camera at a 90°, and the remote wasn’t working when I got it all set up, stood back with her and pressed the button. After several failed efforts I know she was ready to give up on me. It looked pretty hard to hold, hold, hold the pose and then gently release the arrow instead of firing it at the target she thought to bring with her. Then to not be capturing anything I got even more flustered than I already was photography a human. I just don’t have that feeling with pets & animals, like I do when pointing my camera at people. It was nothing she did, she was very patient with me shooting outside of my comfort zone with her and with sports, that I know nothing about. When I finally did get the remote to work, I forgot to zoom back in! augghh!!! I should’ve had her bow right up to my lens or zoomed in and I did neither.

Taylor combine-sm

This one my camera was handheld and I was standing in front of her, so there was no arrow. I only had 2 that I could combine and since I moved when I got them to line up I lost some of the photo size. On one her hand was in focus, the other her eye, to combine them for the final photo. This was the closest I got to the image I had in my head. For her taking the time for me, I’ll be gifting her with some of the photos from the shoot as soon as I get to the rest of them.

Archer Taylor Hopkins 07-17-2019 12.45.04-sm Archer Taylor Hopkins 07-17-2019 12.30.16-sm Archer Taylor Hopkins 07-17-2019 12.49.31-sm   Archer Taylor Hopkins 07-17-2019 12.33.37-sm Archer Taylor Hopkins 07-17-2019 12.41.00-sm Archer Taylor Hopkins 07-17-2019 12.21.40-2-sm

Archer Taylor Hopkins 07-17-2019 12.20.45-2-Edit-sm

Even though I really like several of the portrait shots just the way they are, I had a little fun with these three poses.


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