Thought I’d gotten a new tripod, but no.

I didn’t like the new Alta Pro2+  in person after all the research I did as much as I did on paper.  Video is 15 minutes of my thoughts on the two tripods.  I’m sure the same things that bug me, you may like and vice-versa but I really look to these videos when I’m looking at getting new gear and wanted to give back. I’ve learned that if I don’t process the video right away it sits in a folder while I forget everything I wanted to share. Hence why you haven’t seen the final review of my photography backpacks!

BTW “but noooo” was said in Ismo Leikola voice in my head.

Even though there are so many tripod models in between these two, this post is about the older Vanguard Alta+ 264AB / SBH100 tripod compared to
the new Alta Pro2+ 263 AGH / GH100
in the new video, I talk about the older GH100, which may have been incorrectly listed and was really the GH-200,  the new GH100 which looks like it should be the GH300 minus the (T)rigger, and  most expensive GH300T

Click the links or see below for the differences in the specs. I doubt anyone is comparing to my older tripod so there are just links to the new gear.  Basically, the new one weighed more and was taller and supported just a little more weight. I didn’t mention the color difference in the video. The new tripod is a graphite charcoal color with yellow trim. The old one was black with orange trim. Both were aluminum.

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I bought my first Vanguard Tripod. It was all the way back to 2012. I caught a lot of grief and got more than one thumb down rating on my 2012 tripod review on YouTube because I had too much backlighting and not enough sound. It was the best I could do at the time. Now I paid more attention to those two things but I really could’ve used that same waist height table and a better hair day!

For those of you who don’t know, YouTube works differently than it used to and lots of features are not included for users without a ton of subscribers. So if you can, I’d really appreciate a follow and a thumbs up. I am doing the best I can in making my local or review videos.

I research stuff. A lot. I make spreadsheets. I don’t buy a lot or often and I want what I spend our hard-earned money on to be made well and the best possible fit for how I use it because I take care of my things and want them to last.

I like everything about my Vanguard Alta+ 264AB with the SBH100 ball head except the required tool or quarter to put the QR plate on and off. In my old video, people recommended I add a battery grip so the plate didn’t have to come on and off for me to get to my SD/battery door. The extra weight would defeat the purpose of buying a bridge camera and a lighter tripod.

I think I may look into either the older GH100 pistol grip, a  joystick/grip action or another ball head or maybe even a smaller travel tripod that fits in my Vanguard VEO bag but I would like it to have the MACC (multi-angle center column) not just a straight or 90° for doing product photography clients.  I am not dead-set on Vanguard. They just seem to stand out with features in the price group I’m looking at… every time.

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To the camera club that I offered to pass along the great savings (Reg $220+tax was selling for $180), I got on this new tripod over the weekend… but time was up and it’s been returned.

Update. My migraines are back to acting like they used to years ago. A migraine that knocks you out then after triptans it gets enough better to be a bad headache, then just a headache, to hey, I think it’s gone, then rolls back to knocking me out of life again.  Don’t feel stressed. Went to the chiropractor. Stopped working in the yard where I got too hot. No sweets or alcohol and the cycle continues anyway. Maybe it’s the weather? Maybe it’s that we don’t have a doctor and my Imitrex is as old as my first tripod Anyway, I’m adding the specs here with this update because I forgot to put it in when I wrote the post.

ALTA+ 264AB 100

Material Aluminum alloy legs
Magnesium chassis
Load Capacity 11 lb (5 kg)
Maximum Height 59.87″ (1.52 m)
Folded Length 22″ (56 cm)
Leveling Bubble/Illuminated Yes, 2 / no
Weight 3.9 lb (1.76 kg)
Head Type SBH-100 ball head
Tilt Range +90° to -35°
Pan Range 360°
Quick Release QS-39 quick-release plate with 1/4″-20 screw
Head Attachment Fitting Not specified by manufacturer
Leg Stages/Sections 3/4
Diameter (Top Leg Section) 1.02″ (26mm)
Leg Lock Type Flip lock
Independent Leg Spread Yes
Spiked/Retractable Feet Yes/yes
Center Brace No
Center Column
Center Column Type Rapid, reversible
Center Column Sections 1


Head Type Pistol Grip Head
Base Mount 1/4″-20 Thread
Camera Mounting Screw 1/4″-20 Male
Quick Release Plate Type Arca-Type
Number of Bubble Levels 2
Friction Control Yes
Independent Pan Lock Yes
Pan & Tilt Range
Vertical Tilt 0° to +90°
Panning Range 360°
Load Capacity 13.2 lb / 5.99 kg
Maximum Working Height 68.2″ / 173.2 cm
Max Height without Center Column 55.75″ / 141.60 cm
Minimum Working Height 9″ / 22.9 cm
Folded Length 27.5″ / 69.85 cm
Materials Aluminum Alloy, Magnesium Alloy
Weight 6 lb / 2.7 kg
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Leg Positions 4 Positions
Independent Leg Spread Yes
Leg Sections 3
Bubble Level Yes
Feet Features Rubber
Center Column
Center Column Features Removable, Reversible
Center Column Shape Faceted
Center Column Sections 1
Center Column Extension Type Rapid
Lateral / 90-Degree Center Column Yes


UPDATE. The little hook near the level that I said was smaller for attaching a strap… they call it a suspension hook that you use to sturdy the tripod like the big hook on my older one on the center column. This one you carry something small to hook thru that hole that also hooks to your weigh

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