Eastatoe Falls. Glad I got to see you.

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I don’t really blame the new owners, but it makes me appreciate the previous owners even more than I already did! They didn’t have to share the waterfall in their backyard, yet they did. 

The first time I saw it was with my hubby on our anniversary that we had while we were building the house. We were both exhausted but took off half a day and chose to go there. It was wonderful that it was such a short walk and so beautiful. We both marveled how wonderful it would’ve been to have that in our back yard!

I went back with some photography girlfriends and I took some of my family there when they were visiting.

I’ve picked up litter while I was there and wondered if someone got hurt if they’d have a liability issue. I imagine the actual falls isn’t “owned” by anyone and if you could get to it from somewhere other than the new owners drive and private property, that a river can’t really be owned, but hey, I’m just speculating. I don’t plan on trying to see it again, but I can say that I am so glad to have seen it a few times. I always figured the previous owners were taking a risk, sharing the beauty with the rest of us.

Here is a little tidbit of info I found online “Eastatoe was the local Cherokee word for the Carolina parakeet, and was the name of a local tribe of Cherokee. Ownership of the falls has changed throughout the years, as has the name. The falls has been called Will Hines Falls, Shoal Creek Falls, and Rosman Falls.

Any of you been wondering where the heck I’ve been? I’ve been working on several projects and now that autumn is here I plan to be outside more. I’ll try to get some post up or scheduled before I forget everything I wanted to say without bombarding you as I get caught up.

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