Handles, Leaves and The NC Moutain State Fair with CCoH.

Yes, this is several posts combined into one, but they all center around the camera club so it’s all getting clumped together in one full post.

sunflower P1240005-sm

My friend and fellow photographer June, came over to shoot handles for the camera club theme. We started by watching the hummingbirds from the comfort of the porch while we drank coffee and visited. The hummers never did sit still on the feeder arch like they normally do and kept going to a nearby Bradford tree to keep an eye on the feeder.

It was much more relaxed than our typical outings. Here are my shots for “handles” which was actually the theme for August even though I’m just now getting to it. I turned in #2, #4 and #6.  On the club’s slideshow all of my 3 didn’t end up after my name but they all my little watermark in the corner so no big deal.

The last one I used for a fictitious cookbook cover. I bought these cute little measuring spoons just for this theme because I loved what they had imprinted in them.

Southern Recipes-sm.jpg

Our September theme was “leaves,” but I was busy preparing to give a presentation on Book Cover Photography, which took a lot of my time, and I didn’t shoot all my ideas.

I can talk one-on-one about it, but because I was presenting to the entire camera club, I was nervous. I don’t like public speaking. I’ve only done it three times in my life and I was really wondering what in the world made me say “yes” when I was asked.  I did lots of practicing and slide making but not near as much time as I did stressing over it!

I’ve set this to auto-post so by the time you read it, I will have succeeded or failed at my attempt to give the presentation. If only I was as confident in my ability to speak publically as I am in what I create!

Update after the presentation. I didn’t flop, everyone was so encouraging, and if I forgot something I don’t know what it was. I had so many friends in the club rooting for me.  I really ended up feeling like I did okay, not that I ever want to do it again mind you.  It really is a great group of people and I’m grateful to know them. For some reason, only one of my leaf pics was in the slideshow but hey, stuff happens. Now I bet I sleep like a baby tonite. I really enjoyed Susanna and Reid presentations too!   Even though I was disappointed to hear English Falls is probably out of my ability.

It did make me realize how grateful I am that my author/writer interest was combined with my design/photography ability and my niche that I love, kinda found me. #Lovewhatyoudo On one of the slides, I mentioned that I use to be able to draw. I did this dot dawing back in high school. It is one of the few things I’ve done that I have framed and on the wall of my home. It was done with the idea of pointillism, but it was in high school and we just used a sharpie. It’s too big to scan and it’s already matted so here’s a pic of it behind the glass.

Dot drawing

Some of my drawings collage (Medium)

I dug out my portfolio and scanned or photographed all my work and included a few in the presentation. It’s funny looking back, knowing how long it took to complete just one drawing. I take longer taking a photo than just clicking the shutter, but still per photo, it is still so much quicker than drawing. I should’ve kept it up though because now I can’t draw a thing. The same slide I talked about how I designed my print ads for my retail furniture store and how they were a lot like a book cover. They’re both really ads trying to capture your target audience attention.  It’s so much more clear now looking back at my design, drawing, photography, and writing and how it all came together and played a part in what I’m doing now.

Above are my three for leaves. I had two other shots in mind that I didn’t make the time to shoot. FYI if you’re going to make leaf butterflies it would be better to plan ahead and flatten the leaves first. For the little cut out shapes, I used a shaped paper punch on different leaves.

leaves collage (Medium)

and some older ones for “leaves” that I didn’t shoot specifically for the theme.

I finally made it to a CCoH field trip. First one this year. Although I’ve been to the NC Mountain State Fair before, I’ve never had the guts to carry around my tripod and take photos. I’ve envisioned photos in my mind, but going with the club allowed me to feel less sub-conscious toting a tripod and camera gear around because I knew there were several more doing the same thing around. I took  a lot of photos and it would fill up my little bit of allotted media space so here is a link to my photos in a slideshow video.

I met Margorie a bit earlier than the rest of the group and we strolled thru the building with the photo competition. I was really impressed with some of the youth talent. We agreed with each other on a lot of the photos and we didn’t really agree with the judges choice on some.

We both thought the best photo we saw was of a fireman, dressed in gear with a newborn in his pants pocket and his hand cradling its head. It really should’ve won 1st place but it didn’t place at all.

I’ve never been to the fair in the evening, never rode the chairs, and never took my tripod to make it a real photo outing. I really enjoyed myself. The only thing that could’ve made it better was real September weather. The clouds and crespecular rays were pretty though and I was glad that the heavy rain I went thru on the way there stopped before I got to the parking lot. The poor sheep were panting away. I know they were hot.

Our local paper just reported this: “Multiple cases of Legionnaires’ disease reported by individuals who attended the N.C. Mountain State Fair in Fletcher” Not real sure what that is, or Pontiac fever that it also says can happen from the bacteria, and that has flu-like symptoms. I don’t know how it is transmitted but I hope to have just come away with photos. They say if you feel “pneumonia, like cough, fever or shortness of breath” to see a doctor. I feel for all those who are sick and hope it is easily cured!

My two new Vanguard tripods and Vanguard camera bag have all arrived, in fact I took 2 of the 3 to the Fair. I’ll do a video as soon as I’ve used them some more. If you would like to save 15% off your purchase of camera bags & tripods from Vanguard click here, and use this referral code SAVEWITHKIMINWNC

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  1. Edie Chase

    I’m glad you did well with your speech. Hopefully you avoided getting sick from being at the fair. I loved your leaf butterflies, I saw them on Instagram.

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