NC/SC Blowing Rock, Railroad in Old Fort, Sassafras Moutain Tower & Lake Julian with Kayakers

Watched and photographed the hummingbirds as their feeding (and feeder guarding) has increased. I guess even though it’s entirely too hot for they can feel the migration time nearing. I can NOT believe it somehow is October already. I haven’t touched our books since last year when I had to do all of 2018 at one time and vowed to do better this year. I have not, and now it’s time to get out and photograph my favorite season. That puts me right back to months of sitting at the computer doing all of our self-employment books, and getting things ready for taxes. #Ineverlearn



I put all that on the map because I feel like we drove all over the place… and we did. I was also at the NC Mountain State Fair that week but I’d already posted about it when I was trying to keep my CCoH post on here together.

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock is where we paid to see a rock. I did learn that there was a Grandmother Mountain. I only knew about Grandfather Mountain. A one and done, even though we didn’t try to throw anything to see if it came back to us. There was no wind and I figured whatever we tossed would end up on the poor person on the path below.  I believe Our State magazine can make ANYthing look interesting. I did like the picture I took of hubby on top of the rock. The plaque near the base of the rock, made me wonder how many kids wanted to try to throw their sibling off and see if they returned on the wind. I liked their red door. The cat was alive… we saw its eyes move as we got closer. It looked like it was too hot too. 4000′ elevation and it was still 85 degrees up there with nary a breeze blowing. 98 on the way to the next place. The factory (top left photo in the collage) on the way there was pretty cool


Found a cool railroad tunnel with my hubby in Old Fort. I saw a pin on Pinterest and added it to my “want to see” board. I showed it to him a few times but we had no directions other than “somewhere in Old Fort.” I searched railroad sites and scrolled Google maps. We found it but it was definitely a team effort. #loveisaverb He even held my lensball that can get too hot in the sun. I forgot that, but I did remember to get it out instead of just carrying it all day. We did this on the way back from Blowing Rock. If you want to go all I can tell you is it’s on the same road as the manmade Andrews Geyser that we’ve visited in the past.

Sassafras Mountain Tower, the highest point in SC, during an approaching storm with my best friend, proving we’re still enjoying doing stupid stuff together 30+ years later. We both hope they add those signs that tell you what you can see in the distance. We read that you can see NC SC TN and GA.


Hubby and I decided to postpone the Madison County Rodeo. Hubby because of weather, and me because my poor needy Tyler has been home alone too much this week.

Lake Julia 9-21-19 am (296)-sm

This duck made me think of that old jingle “I’m different, dont’ care who knows it, somethin bout me not the same” 🙂

Lake Julia 9-21-19 am 38of52-sm

I’ve never regretted getting up and outta the house early. The world is just different and quite that early. You see and experience things others miss. Sometimes I could to take an afternoon nap when the sun is high and bright to make up for the missed sleep. The morning at Lake Julian was no different.  I hoped for fog and a kayak and got both, plus my hubby went with me which is always nice. We got there an hour before the gate opened but it said closed after dark, and it wasn’t dark, so we walked in. I’d been in the other way to watch the Asheville rowing team but this time I wanted a single kayak in the fog. We sure had the fog. It didn’t start lifting until about 45 minutes after sunrise.


We saw a vehicle pull in with a rack on top. The sun was up. I was starting to lose hope we’d see anyone taking a boat out. I went outside my comfort zone, went up and asked if he was going out and if I could take a photo. Steve Bannow replied yep to both as soon as Thad Mylan showed up with the tandem kayak.  Steve gave me his card and I read online that he has been kayaking for years and often does it on Lake Michigan and in the ocean. Thad gave me his wife’s Kellie’s card to pass along photos to. She runs a training company called Moylan Training. These are some pretty active people! They were getting ready for something called Chattajack in TN… a 31-mile race. They even asked which way I wanted to photograph them. More than I could’ve hoped for! Thank you both for your kindness. I hope you like the pics.

Kayakers at JulianMy vision of what I wanted to capture was inspired by Ajcophotography, who even answered my question and gave me some pointers. (Thank you). I didn’t notice that the shots I admired were captured more from above than I was able to be. Maybe if I was actually able to stand on a dock without getting motion sickness, I could’ve shot down more onto the water and got more paddle circles but I’m happy with my captures. Maybe, I’ll go check out the Chattajack!

Now I don’t know if Lake Julian really has radiated water like some people claim but I did have an all green mosquito land on me and saw a duck with an afro… just saying.

It was a terrific morning.

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