Dizzy! and new friend photo outing to FENCE, Pelham Mill & Twin Falls

Last year I was hit with being disabling dizzy. It lasted several days I remember going with my hubby to Roan Mountain before it was completely gone.

This year it hit again in the evening with no warning. That night was bad, the entire next day was so bad I felt like I had to lay down and hang on to the bed. I couldn’t do much of anything. The next day was some better, followed by the next day where I went on a photo outing with a new friend, Karen, I met at the local camera club.

Cute 105 39of52-sm.jpg

I invited Karen to go with me to the Open Horse Show at FENCE, then basically canceled the invite unless she wanted to drive. Nice to do to a new friend huh? I felt better doing that, then a wave of spinning start while I was driving and hurting someone.

Even though autumn weather is still not here, and it’s in the upper 80’s at the end of September we went South to Tryon NC / Landrum SC. I’ve only been to FENCE, the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center side where the trails are. I’m not sure what the last E stand for?

When I was there the first time with hubby we walked some trails and saw an old cabin, but nothing with horses. I did see a hill people were flying kites on. Made me wish we had one too. This time I never saw where that hill could’ve been. Most be a pretty large place. They do have very nice signage on their trails. We started at the cabin. It had one of those huge wasps on the screen door that my hubby told me he’s seen on jobs recently. I pointed it out to Karen. She called it by name, which I forgot, and said they were very aggressive. It’s the size of a hummingbird moth but looks like a wasp. I didn’t open that screen door. When I went around to the other side one came flying by me and I could hear it go by. I decided just to shoot the school desk from the doorway. One of my favorite shots for the day.

This Saturday there was a horse show and I thought I’d practice my panning.  Karen and I got there early to walk the trails before the show started. We had most of the trails to ourselves.  Neither of us were having a whole lotta luck photography wise, at the Open Horse Show though. At Tryon, you are shooting down on the horses and events unless you can get access to a better spot. At FENCE you can be ringside but there were telephone poles, vehicles, and other people also ringside. This one seemed like the riders were having lots of fun, and I came away with just snapshots.  Pics of that here.

We decided to have lunch at Stone Soup and come up with what to do next. Nice restaurant. Someone did walk in with their dog on a leash though. Didn’t have a service vest on. 😦  We picked Pelham Mill, where the most interesting thing was a spiked yellow caterpillar. Maybe we missed it but it did not look like the photos I’ve saved to Pinterest or much of a park IMO.

Should’ve tried one of Karen’s choices! Next time, it’s all her call.

We left there and I learned she really knows her way around the area.  I think we were on Hwy 14 or 11, or heck maybe both. She mentioned several parks with neat stuff to see. I should’ve written them down. She’ll just have to show me in the future.

When we went by Table Rock SC area, I pointed out Wildcat Falls but it was actually dry. This drought is really affecting the waterfalls around us.

Twin Falls SC w. Karen 09-28-2019 15.14.23-sm

She’d never been to Twin Falls in SC so even though it was getting close to the time for me to be home, we went there. The other times I’ve been I thought it should’ve been named Triple Falls, but the far right waterfall was almost dry this time.  It was at the lowest water level I’ve ever seen, but by far had the most cars. BTW if you go, there is a huge, active yellow jackets nest in the ground on the right side of the trail sorta near the tree in the rock.

I learned we both prefer clip leg locks on our tripods to twist. Fun when you find another person who goes against the majority.

We shot a bit there and headed back. We are both interested in about the same things to shoot and see. Just like Marjorie, Karen can out hike/walk me. I hate being the hold up on an outing. Now Karen used to run. I don’t run. Never have, never plan to. She is a quick walker and has a great attitude, and just rolled with my dizziness throwing a wrench into the plans and was fine with playing the day by ear.

She does have a DSLR. A nice Sony a model, which I’m pretty sure if I was going to buy a DSLR, I would go with a Sony. I’ve been interested in photography a little longer but she seems to be a quick study as her camera basically stayed on manual mode and she is proficient enough to clone people out (me) in photoshop for which I’m grateful. She also likes animals, doesn’t like to shoot people and doesn’t like being hot on outings. I’m looking forward to more photo trips.

I know this isn’t about photography BUT I’ve been so intent on finding new products for when I leave my hair curly, that I forgot how puffy and frizzy it gets when I try to blow it straight. Anyone have frizzy curly hair they’d like to keep smooth after blow drying it and straitening it without looking like a frizz ball?

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2 thoughts on “Dizzy! and new friend photo outing to FENCE, Pelham Mill & Twin Falls

    1. KiM Post author

      It was nice, and yes I feel much better. It lasted about a week…. I’m very behind on my post! I guess we all want the hair we don’t have. Or most of us anyway. I do like my curls better than I used to but I don’t know how to have it wavy, not curly or how to keep it from frzizing up like Bozo the clown after I take the time to blow it out and straigten it. It still frizzed everywhere. I didn’t realize it was that humid or I would’ve went the curls.

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