Shadows for October CCoH Critique

Some new. Some old. All shadows.

The first 3 (above) are the ones I took specifically for this theme and turned in. Criquite by David Simchock this month. I’ve been to one of his photos walks in Brevard years ago. I continue to get the emails about walks, shows and exhibits and hope to go again.  I know he’s critiqued before but I don’t remember his style.

Funny story on the one with my husband’s shadow on the stairs, that looks like he has Freddy Krueger hands. I just kept looking everyone for “good” stairs at the right angle to the sun early morning with long shadows. Before church one Sunday we drove to a school and while I was asking him to pose with his hands above his head, which he did eventually do, he did the Krueger hands on his own. He told me I was weird. Made me smile.

Y’all want another laugh? On the pumpkin shadow one, picture this: I gathered the pumpkin, a colander, a flashlight, yellow film, the camera on a tripod set on self-timer, and a stool to make me taller, then I turned off the lights. I hit the 10 second 3 pic timer on my camera, making me really miss the set to anything I wanted timer on an older Canon. I found the stool in the dark, stepped up on it, held the colander with my left hand, the yellow film and flashlight in the other, got it lined up on the pumpkin where I wanted it then tried to hold still in hopes the camera had not already taken all 3 shots. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Now good thing I don’t get my feelings hurt easy. All 3 of my shots, that for some reason they changed to 2 last night, were shot with intention for “shadows”. David liked the colorful shadows of the vases. He said the patterned pumpkin was more about light than shadows. I disagree. The shadows made the pattern from the colander.  Compare the left with just light, to the pattern on the right. I didn’t about break a leg in the dark holding everything for light 🙂 You have to have light, to have shadows. He never saw the hand. What do you think?

I don’t know if Gary L or Valerie K or Diane T read my site but the Gary’s bird in the sand and Valerie’s cow and Diane flower/hat shadow shots were awesome. Mike M photo of the two girls looking at their phones instead of enjoying the swings at the fair spoke volumes.  So many wonderful photographers in our group! I wish the business part of the meetings was left to the website so we didn’t rehash everything that had already been shared on the exchange for 20-30 minutes at the beginning of each meeting. I also need to tell someone about the idea of alternating the chairs so us short people are not stuck cranking our necks to see around the taller people.

Tyler is starting to be more and more like Trinity in how she liked to be in the sunshine. He never liked it on his dark fur but he’s getting more and more cold natured as he gets older.  Here’s the deal on the DNA/Vein shadows up my arm that I used for my 42of52. I made 2 trips around our yard looking for a better twig before choosing this one. I was shooting “Shadows” for the camera club theme. This starts the 10 countdown to the end of this years 52 week project. Think photography runs in my veins?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think I’m going to clear up some of my schedule by not entering every one of these next years, I may skip meetings here and there too. I really need to quit putting off getting myself caught up. Next month is black and white so it won’t be hard at all, plus it’s a “Gimmie Your Best Shot” that is only shown for a second and not critiqued.  At the end of this year, I’ve got to make my Taylor’s book for her birthday of her #201952week project. I’ll probably print one of mine too, plus I’ve got next year’s calendar to work on, and work of course, plus getting this computer cleaned up.

Any of the extra stuff that I’ve self-imposed on myself will be taking a backseat in 2020.

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