Best Buy lied… but resolved it, and my first thoughts on the Pixel 4 (with $50 code)

I knew I was buying a new phone this year. My Samsung S4 was past due to be upgraded.

2019 phone

When I went to a smartphone, I went with Samsung. My first was, I think, just the S. Then 4 models later in 2013 I bought the S4. Then they all started getting too big and didn’t want to upgrade. Last November 2018 hubby finally left his faithful flip phone. I swear he was one of the last to let it go. Watching him tap out morse code on the keypad to send a text was painful to watch. He didn’t even want one as big as my S4, so he went with a new iPhone 7, years after it was released because it was smaller and more sealed.

The foldable phones were all outrageously priced. When Samsung introduced theirs it was originally folding the wrong way with the glass outwith a long vertical sea, and folding not really flat from a tablet size to a large smartphone instead of in half to protect the glass and be smaller. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even notice 2 pieces of glass instead of concentrating on a folding glass but what do I know. There is a cute little Palm phone but the battery life was only 7.5 hours. Best Buy said it was not a stand-alone. Verizon said it was. There is the big Samsungs but also the newly designed Motorola Razr. Hopefully, when I upgrade next time, years from now, there will be more small options with great cameras… somewhere other than shopping at Best Buy.

I made a spreadsheet, yes, that is what I do. I am not an Apple fan but I do like the features in their iWatch 5. Samsung Active 2 is missing the ECG and fall detection. I wouldn’t mind those features while out waterfalling. My best friend offered to give me her old iPhone 8, and I would’ve added the watch to, but the watch was $500 and I’m just not paying that, plus there is an increased monthly fee and mobile data needed. I do like with the LTE models that you don’t have to have your phone with you!

I narrowed it down to like 4 that had better cameras and 4 that were cheapest. Who knew I’d one day thing a cellphone for several hundred was “cheap”. I  took a printed copy to Best Buy to go feel and test them out.

The android based Pixel 4 can be summed up with
“a great camera, not so great battery life with just 64gb of non-expandable memory .”

I wish the battery life was better but that may increase as I keep turning stuff off I don’t need running in the background. I wish the camera was flush with the back instead of protruding out. Some of the cases I tried don’t stick out enough to cover the glass protection I added on the front or the camera on the back. The power key and volume buttons are both on one side and I keep hitting nothing on the left to turn a ring off.  BTW did you know you could do that on any phone? While you are staring at who is calling and your phone continues ringing in the middle of a restaurant, you hit the volume button down and it quits ringing. Nothing else. You didn’t hang up on them, you just silenced the ring.

It is a little bigger than I prefer but the smaller size is why I didn’t go with the Samsung S10, well that and I took pictures with both in the store and decided the Pixel did a better job and was smaller. The Samsung did have the OS I was used to and much better battery life than the Pixel or the iPhones.

Since I haven’t bought a phone in 7 years, I realized 2 things. 1) there are less accessories readily available for the Pixels. 2) You can now order cases with rings to help hold them, spaces for a credit card, and little kickstands. Some of the rings say they are magnetic. I had hoped they’d magnet themselves to the grocery cart since I use my cell for my grocery list. They don’t. Guess they’re really just metal and will stick to a magnet but are not magnetic themselves. Wonder how a magnet would affect the cell battery or credit card strips? I know some phones can’t lay on a charger and charge with some accessories. Gone are the days of just a case. That is probably not news to anyone but me. Even my mom had that pop thing on the back of her old case. The iPhone has a nice health app and Samsung health app is pretty good too. The Pixel as far as I can tell did not come with one, so I put the Samsung app on.

I have google contacts because I have Gmail accounts. Google uses fields. Verizon contacts use groups. While on Verizon… when did it become okay to charge $40 to change some paperwork? On my Samsung S4 I had the ringtone set to silent so I didn’t hear any ring for people not in my contacts. I’ve tried changing the “account” the Pixel looks at to Verizon only and not showing my many duplicate google contacts (merge doesn’t really merge), so that I could go back to setting a ringtone for my 4 groups (family, photography, business, and writers) and silent for anyone not in my contacts. I’ve had the phone a week today and cannot find that this is doable on the pixel 4. I get way too many robocalls not to find that feature!

Speaking of ringtones. Tyler never has liked it when the phone rings. Since I couldn’t find “silent” for non-contacts I went thru all the rings to pick the ones I thought would bug him the least. There was a cat meow. He didn’t seem to mind it when I played it on low for him. Fast forward to the next morning. Tyler was in his bed on my desk. My phone was on the desk. I just go up and made it to the office door when my phone meowed. On a higher volume, it sounded like a cat in distress. Trinity made that same meow before she was going to vomit. I forgot I had made it my ringtone. I jerked back around and looked at Tyler. His eyes were huge. Then it rang the second time. After the phone call, I changed it to another ring for the sake of not giving us both heart attacks.

I do like that I no longer have to log in to voicemail. I can’t read a message like hubby can but I can press play without the hassle of logging in.

I like my Pixel 4 and I think you will too, so here’s an exclusive $50 to spend in the Google Store when you buy a Pixel 4.*

Just enter code DN3831VZTHSV1KDE9AVT2WW at checkout, valid through December 31, 2019.

Click this link to redeem your offer:

Now let me get to why Best Buy has lost our business and I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. 

Best Buy had printed false advertising about their prices and I was lied to by two employees. Followed by customer service afterward was horrible. I originally posted this to Best Buys Facebook page but I got tired of being slammed for how stupid I was to believe them. Kick me when I’m down feeling ya know?

11-27-19 I visited the store to look at cell phones. They had a printed sign in a floor stand at the entrance that said they had Black Friday Prices Now.

I asked the girl helping me, I think her name was Amanda and she said the prices would be the same, no less, on Black Friday. I left and went to Walmart and Verizon, then drove back to Best Buy. The guy helping me said the same thing, that the price would not be less. I decided since the price wasn’t going to be less just to buy it while I was there. I am completely capable of doing the activation and home but since the price I was told wouldn’t be less, I bought the Pixel 4. 11-28-19 13 hours after I bought a Pixel 4 since the price wouldn’t be less I saw online it was $100 less. I called. They made it about Price Match instead of false advertising and lies.

They said I could return it. Wait in line, pay a $45 restocking charge, lose the $40 charge already paid to Verizon for a new phone activation, and the $40 screen cover they put on it that I bought.

Best Buy told me the only thing I could do was to call back on 12-3, when the sales were all over and gave me a case #. I kept trying to get the girl to see it wasn’t about their Price Match Guarantee, that it was about the printed false advertising and lies. Whether a store had the match thing or not they shouldn’t lie and print false ads. She never answered me that she understood and then and hung up on me.

The price stayed $100 less than what I paid from 11-28 to 12-2.

12-3-19 I called and after 20 minutes on hold, I got to a guy who verified my name, phone and email then hung up on me again saying he couldn’t hear me. I was on the new Pixel 4 that I was calling about. I had hoped since he had my contact info, he’d call back. Nope.

I didn’t need to buy the phone on the 27th. I had a 7-year-old phone that still worked fine. The only reason I bought it while I was there before Black Friday is because I was told twice and read the printed sign that said those prices were in effect on the 27th and the price would not be lower. That was not true.

The Pixel 4 was $499.99 when I bought it on a Verizon plan for $20.83 a month. 13 hours later though December 2nd it was $399.99 for $16.66 a month.

That is two Best Buy employees that lied. That is an in-store printed sign with false advertising and the is two calls to customer service afterward that were horrible.

$100 is an expensive lesson to learn that they lie and don’t stand behind what they sell.

I’ll update in the comments after BBB concludes my complaint. I feel stupid for believing them. As a business owner for 15 years I took them at their word and should not have. Shame on you Best Buy. I was not Thankful for you this Thanksgiving.

12-10-19 UPDATE. Best Buy stepped up and resolved the overcharge. 🙂 

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My dad was a glass half full kinda guy, well actually more like 9/16th full 🙂 Holidays are always bitter sweet for me. We've lost so much family and so many friends. As a believer in Jesus and have accepted His gift, I believe we will see most of them again someday and for all eternity. I still pray for those who don't but my heart is full of thanks this Thanksgiving. We are blessed with what we consider basic things nowadays, like food, shelter, warmth and freedom. Everyone doesn't have that. I am grateful, thankful and so blessed. My cup runneth over. I love and I am loved. So in the hettic that seems to take over this time of year, I am taking a moment to give thanks, and wish you all a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. #KiminWNC #KimberlyMaxwell#KimberlyHMaxwell #KiminWNC #coverscatsandclicks #WNC #NC #828 #photographer #lovewhatyoudo #lifeisgoodeternallifeisbetter #thankful #Thanksgiving #cuphalffull #cupisrefillable

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However, I am thankful for you. Hubby has had a cold since Friday. Despite my best efforts, I got it Tuesday night. Poor Tyler ears are going to permanently stayed laid flat to his head if we don’t quit coughing and sneezing. We are trying the new elderberry craze on top of vitamin C that we’ve always taken. I have been wondering if making it hard for sick congested people to buy pseudoephedrine helped the meth problem at all or just made it hard to buy when you and your spouse are both sick and stopped up at the same time?

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2 thoughts on “Best Buy lied… but resolved it, and my first thoughts on the Pixel 4 (with $50 code)

  1. Kate Crimmins

    I never completely trust sales folks. I don’t know enough about technology so it’s painful when I have to upgrade. My husband just bought a smart phone (his first) from Consumer Cellular. The damn thing is BIG and heavy. It just about fits in his pocket. I never thought of checking the size (yes my fault). Fortunately he likes it. As for the drugs behind the counter, I also have a beef. One OTC I use frequently is now required to be packaged in blister packs. The kind that you need a tool to open it. It was an ingredient for some street drug. When I buy a box, I open all the blisters with a box cutter and put in an old drug container. When I need it, I don’t want to fool around trying to get something open. We are making it very safe (?) for druggies but us folks are having a harder time accessing what we need.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. KiM Post author

    Had they had that little palm be out when we first got smartphones we would’ve went with that. Now with the short battery life and many years later failing eyesight the time for it has past. Especially since we no longer have a landline. I’d still do one like the Razr if the specs and price came down to something reasonable. I forgot to add the part about the meow ringtone so I put in a paragraph this morning. I’ll blame it on my cold. You might get a chuckle out of it. 🙂 BTW I was a salesperson for 25+ years. We are not all to be mistrusted, but sadly this isn’t always the case. I guess I really still am. I sell my books and services now instead of retail goods. The hours are better and you can stay in your PJ’s when you’re sick.



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