Merry Christmas


I appreciate our military troops that are away from their families and I am aware that this isn’t always the merriest time of year for everyone and some years are harder than others. We kind of skipped a lot of the Christmas traditions last year. No tree, no letter, not much other than our nativity set and seeing family. My heart just wasn’t in it after losing Trinity so unexpectedly. It hit me pretty hard. I know Christmas is about Jesus, and He is in our hearts and minds year-round.

This year as I  started writing this, Tyler is laying across my legs. I got about a 30 minute later start on it because he wanted to cuddle, so I put down the laptop and obliged. Our tree is lit, and the house is quiet. It’s dark outside. I’d like to picture it chilly and wintery, nevermind it’s in the 50’s with a light rain and Christmas day should be 60 degrees and sunny. WNC weather is funny that way.

Tyler has gotten more talkative and is so needy and cuddly. He hates it when we’re gone for long, well any amount of time. The feline cardiologist that was going to perform his second scan to compare to his first, doesn’t come to WNC anymore. 😦  I tried to get him an orthopedic bed with his arthritis in mind. One I bought came with a label about cancer-causing carcinogens so it went back. He doesn’t like lumpy or overly cushy, so no egg crate. I ended up with just heat retention beds but they’re thin so not a lot of padding. 

If you follow me on social media and /or my blog, which you must or you wouldn’t be reading this 🙂 you already know what we’ve been up to so I won’t go into a lot of details but wanted to reminisce a little. I did a 52 week photo project with my friend Paula and my niece, well second cousin, but I prefer being “Aunt Kim”. I think it’s neat to look and see what each of us had to shoot each week for a whole  year.

Hubby and I did take a short trip to Washington DC for our anniversary. I don’t think we’ve ever walked that much in a few days.  I’ll have to ask Hubby to look at his phone again. His sister told us an iPhone keeps up with your walking and I swear it was like 30 miles. I had a really hard time leaving Tyler, harder than usual, even though I know he was in trustworthy hands with my best friend. In fact, I went out with her this week for dinner and to celebrate her 50th. I find it hard to believe I’ll leave my 40’s soon too. Where does the time go? When we were in high school I never thought we’d be telling each other “Happy 50th”.

Hubby and I traveled the Hidden Road, which is really Heintooga Round Bottom Road, a go slow with the windows down drive through the woods. We drove to Virginia and back for a one day look at Grayson Highlands. I was thrilled to see the “wild” ponies which was the reason I wanted to go. We walked up to Frying Pan tower to watch the sunset while the wind rattled the tower. We found a railroad track that went until a little land tunnel with trees on top that we walked through. We tried to find what the locals call “Pixie Forest” but neither of us saw the forest of bent trees. We went up on the parkway so I could shoot the Milky Way. I can’t remember if we did any sunrises together this year? I didn’t think Hubby and I did as many waterfall hikes this year, but when I was making my waterfall page of ones we visited in 2019 for my 2020 calendar, the page was full with 24. 

Speaking of anniversaries, can you believe we’ve been married for 30 years? We got new wedding bands for two reasons. One, my ring is from the 1800’s and I was told it’d have to be reset. I’ve gotten nervous wearing it because I don’t want to lose the set. Hubby needed a new one after he was able to get his off with dental floss for emergency surgery on his middle finger after a high-pressure water injection injury.

I went on a photo outing with friends and the club including a barn tour that I organized and enjoyed a lot. We’ve had time with family and friends that I enjoy so much. I still enjoy my book cover design and photography. I got a new to me Nikon DSLR this year. I still need to sit down with the manual and learn the knobs and dials. For most things, I’m pretty sure I’ll still prefer my Panasonic bridge cameras but I’m thankful I got a good enough deal on this one to be able to learn it. 

Here lately I am increasingly aware that we are blessed to live in America. I also see the division of people when ideas, thoughts and morals are not shared. Respect and common sense seem to be in short supply some days. 

Well, I am getting off-topic. I just wanted to stroll back through the memories of 2019 this Christmas morning. 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year. 

With a grateful heart, The Maxwells

Tyler Christmas 2019 12-08-2019 13.31.16-sm  August

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3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Kate Crimmins

    Last year I my cat died on New Year’s Eve day. I came home and started to take down all the decorations because it was no longer a joyous house. I didn’t want to see them at all. I know how hard it is go through the holidays with that. Merry Christmas to your entire family — furry and human.

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