Several quotes by Photographer George D. Lepp

Hawk in flight 12-12-2019 15.48.07-11-sm

I was reading Outdoor Photographer and quotes by George D. Lepp caught my interest. I hope you enjoy them too. I included two of my (obvious) photo illustrations.~ Kim

“Now when I come across throngs of photographers in pursuit of the same photography, I’m darkly reminded of an old Marine Corps warning “Spread out, or one grenade will get you all””


“I look at the changes in this industry over the past half-century and maintain excitement about the future. With each new development, I’m able to solve photographic problems I didn’t even know I had, and that empowers me.”


“just because you can doesn’t mean  you should”


“when we don’t worry about the mechanical limitations, our creativity knows no limit other than ourselves.”


“A photography once represented undeniable reality; not it’s difficult to believe anything, and we need to be using our craft to educate people about the natural world. I have nothing against creating photos illustrations as long they’re obvious and labeled as such, but I’m deeply opposed to alternations that misrepresent a subject…”



The Tree 45of52 11-03-2019 18.09.18-sm


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