Good gifts

Ornament mom gave us 2019-sm

The picture is of a gift my mom gave me at Christmas this year. You know if it’s a good gift when it tears you up. I know when she was on vacation… she thought of me. Some gifts are tangible. some are an experience, some are gifts of time, and some are gifts of withholding.

Let me tell you something that happened. I was vacuuming. Tyler doesn’t run in fear as bad as Trinity did but he still doesn’t really like it and doesn’t want to be in the same room when it’s on.

I was vacuuming, I had done our bedroom, the sunroom/studio and had just started on the living room when hubby got a call. I just turned the vacuum off and decided to do the dishes while he talked.  Tyler had been in the office but had come into the living room. I picked him up and carried him to the sunroom that I’d finished with. He walked back in the living room. I carried him back and walked quickly back to the living room to start vacuuming again.

As I started back vacuuming it occurred to me that God, knowing what is best for us, puts us in another spot because He knows what is coming next whether we do our not. I wonder how many times Jesus has directed my path back to the “sunroom” because He knew I wouldn’t like what was happening in the “living room” where I thought I wanted to be.

Just a thought to ponder about all the blessings we don’t even know about. Kinda like be thankful for unanswered prayers.

It made me think about when we lost Trinity. I was so upset that it was completely unexpected that she passed, just 5 days after her annual checkup where she got a clean bill of health. She was fine. Then, she was gone. Looking peaceful and like she passed without a struggle. As hard as that was, and still is, I really think it’s better than finding her, rushing her to vet, making her last moments chaotic and stressful. I think I’ll always feel horrible that she died alone.

I bet that is just one of so many times.

and yes, my children have all had fur and four legs.

Matthew 7:11
If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!

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5 thoughts on “Good gifts

  1. Kate Crimmins

    That happened to my cat Hazel. Clean bill of health and dead in a exactly one month. She died from things that could have been found but not helped. Would it be easier to know she was dying? When I knew something was up so I rushed her to the ER vet and she spent her last hours there instead of at home. She refused to get stressed though. She had had enough. We will never forget them. Still mourning my Jake and he passed in September of 2015. My gray cats refuse to leave a room just because I’m vacuuming. They give me the stink eye and go back to sleep.


    1. KiM Post author

      My cousin is a vet, who unfortunately lives 5 hours away. I felt so bad that my vet didn’t notice anything and had to stick her Way-Too-Many times to get a CBC, which came back fine. My hubby pointed out that I would’ve felt bad had she died unexpected and I’d put off their yearly checkup too. My cousin said it was probably a stroke/aneurysm or brain issue. She had 3 idiopathic secures 3 years earlier. Since she was laying just how and where she always did that it was probably quick.

      Now with Skeamer, she was a ” don’t touch me ” girl and got daily pills after going blind that they thought was from a BP spike. My vet then left me feeling like her renal failure that had been a problem for years or her blood pressure was what I was watching out for, not the bump on her jaw that was likely cancer. That bump ended up breaking her jaw ( a second time). We chose with everything considered, the longterm illnesses, the weight loss, the pain of her jaw, the fact that we were having to travel to Atlanta, and leave her in my BF care, to be with my father in law at Emory, to help her go at over 17. That was not what I thought we would be doing that morning at the vet. It helped some that she was so much older and I knew she was in failing health if that makes any sense at all.

      I guess I was reflecting more about wondering how many times our Heavenly Father looks out for His children and we never even know.

      Funny about your grays. I’ve seen videos of cats riding noise-making vacuums or being vacuumed. None of the Maxwell house felines have entertained that thought—EVER.. #alldiffernt So sorry about your Hazel, and Jake, well to all the pet owners who do the best for their babies. Thankful we have lots of good memories too.

      Do you remember that commercial about the older cat telling the kitten about the vacooom? Changed the way we said it.

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