Reflecting on reflections

Lake Julia 9-21-19 am FLIP (218)-sm

What would you see if a mirror revealed your character instead of your reflection?

CCoH first theme for 2020 is “Reflections” and it is a critique which means it doesn’t have to be taken in this year (thank goodness).  I did shoot some specific for it and choose to send one of those and one older one. We can only send 2 now instead of 3. It was a good thing for last nights anyway, there is no way we’d have finished on time with that many images. I’ve never seen the room that full!

I wasn’t planning on participating at all in any of the themes until I did all of our year-end paperwork but Jeff Miller is my favorite critiquer and that made me want to participate. This is one photo but I did a little creative editing swapping the reflections. I don’t think he looks at my blog so I’m going ahead and posting a day early, so I have a gap before the next post I’m almost done with. I actually ended up submitting one that was not as clear. My bad.

It is titled “Sometimes it is just Black and White”.  Here is the before and after. I sent the after. I hope he isn’t too hard on me that I took creative liberties with it. It is harder to see the lettered reflection on here than it was on my full screen.  Reversing the shadow text was my vision before I even tried standing up those picky little Scrabble tiles.  I have one more idea with them, but I’ll have to drag out more stuff so I’ll just file that idea away.  Too bad there is an “&” tile. 

Black and White 2-smblack and white rvs-sm

and for the second one, I sent this abstract reflection from a WWPW my friend Paula led from the Carl Sandburg lake. Right after I hit send, I found the image I used as the headline up there at the top of the post, but the send button had already been pressed. I actually think I may print that one for my office. I have an old-world map now that I like the mat and frame on. As long as no one looks at the back after I make the switch it should be fine. I have some prints for sale from where I closed my store with mats, glass, and frames too, I may end up taking them apart too. I do like that it is the reflection only with any of what is causing the reflection. On this one, Jeff ended up suggesting it w.o the foliage on the left. I agree.

WWPW Hville 2011 (14)-sm  WWPW Hville 2011 (13)-sm

I had some of Trinity that I really love, and even though this March, she’ll have been gone 2 years, I just am not up to sharing my photos of her yet— at least not in a critique. It’s not like I can go back and reshoot them and I don’t want anything to tarnish the images I have or the memory. I did share 3 on here.

Also, I have to mention the shells and rocks are from a photoshoot with my friend Karen… and next time if it’s at my house I promise we can set up a better area off the floor 🙂  Here are a few more

Here are the others I have showing reflections. There is actually a selfie mixed in there and another apple one I swapped out the apple puzzle reflection with a real apple, plus a puddle I saw with the phone wires in after leaving a great photo workshop given by John Ayre.  I learned something new about focus planes from him and that I need a thing (clamp?) on the end of my monopod that lets me quickly change from vertical to portrait. I’ll have to ask him the name of that gizmo again. May have been a gimbal head but I need one that doesn’t attach to the lens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My third cap on the same tooth went well. I think this is the best one yet. I hope it is anyway. It cost the most. They no longer use trays and make impression molds. They take images and the computer starts making a 3D model. If they didn’t get enough photos, it has them add more. So cool to watch. He did say he couldn’t believe it hadn’t broken before then because there was hardly a fingernail amount of material in the center of the cap where it broke.

I have been working on a fourth cover CC Tillery and I just love how the colors came together on this one. I still have the print cover and audio cover to do but I am waiting on info for the print cover. Maybe I can get some of my paperwork done in the meantime. I have all sorts of ideas running through my head of neat and different things I could design for the last book in this series and I started making notes for more things I could do to the same base photo they want to keep using for however many more there are before that last one.  I have no off switch when my mind starts that!

Did you notice the new signature logo? I wanted a change.  Since joining Instagram last year I had one signature for it that was center, and others for other occasions. I decided to narrow down to one and put it center bottom on all photos. I have LOTS of signatures saved for when I decided to switch it up again in the future and finding the software to make my Wacom work on this computer. Too bad I didn’t do that before I forgot all the buttons to push. I also finally made hubby his birthday cake. Better late than never, but at least he didn’t have to make himself like someone did for their 40th 🙂 Just saying.

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3 thoughts on “Reflecting on reflections

  1. Anne Mehrling

    Your photos are fantastic. I liked your logo on the pictures. I followed one blog in which the blogger had such a large logo that you couldn’t see the photo well at all. Luckily, he quit posting, because that would have bothered me no end.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KiM Post author

      Thank you. I can understand a large logo though. That is what I do for a living and lots of people think nothing about downloading a photo. I’ve even seen others try to pass off another photographer’s photo as their own. I think it is more of an issue for photographers than other artists. I only share small sizes online to try to help with that. This log is probably larger than my last one but it’s not as bold or as white. It’ll work for this year. I love what I do though. and I just want to share. We live in such a beautiful area!


      1. Anne Mehrling

        I am aware that people steal photos, so I understand that you need to protect yourself. I’m sure no one stole the ones I mentioned, but I doubt many people looked at them, either. Back when my daughter was working on her master’s degree, she explained how all their submissions were run through a computer program to check for plagiarism. She and I were shocked that two people copied several of her paragraphs to use as their own.

        Liked by 1 person


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