What I’m reading January 2020. Randy Alcorn

My mom bought the series but we were both reading the second one, Dominion at the same time so I got a copy from the library. This is one thick book to finish in 3 weeks while you have lots of other stuff going on.  My mom loaned me book 3, Deception with the promise she’d ask for it back if she got to it before I finished it.

I have also just been gifted a signed copy of Into The Brown Mountain Lights by CC Tillery that I designed the cover on last year, when we met to talk about the cover for the fourth book in the series, Chasing The Brown Mountain Lights. They already have the ebook out so I need to get caught up and do a post on that soon! It is so helpful to have all the books in the series when I’m brainstorming upcoming covers, plus I enjoy the visiting.

I’m actually a little hesitant to start it the last in the series. I liked Deadline, but Dominion just beat me over the head about race (hence the sledgehammer photo). The entire book. It just got old to me. Clarence who seemed pretty together in the last book seems bitter, angry and with the difference of skin color seeming to permeate his every single day and thoughts. Although about two thirds into the book he goes back and is really upset about abortion for a page or two before he goes back to concentrating on skin color.  This book did have a murder to solve but it was so overshadowed by race talk that it felt like it took a backseat. Getting tired of me mentioning it yet? Well if you are reading 603 pages may feel like a lot to you too.

Dominion has the people who’ve gone to Heaven not only able to pray for those still on earth but able to see through a portal when loved ones are in trouble, cry for them and see through a distant portal into Hell. I know it is a fiction novel. I liked the idea of loved ones who’ve gone to Heaven praying for us, but I really don’t like the idea of them seeing us in trouble, and crying over us.  The way I’ve interpreted the Bible, there are no more tears in Heaven. If people who’ve died and gone to Heaven can see their loved ones in trouble or see those who’ve gone to hell, there would be sadness and tears.

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4

Update: My mom sent me this.

In the first book, I thought Alcorn was overly descriptive. In this one it made think of how as a writer, you’d have an idea board and instead of pulling just a few examples or ideas into a story, you used every single one, every time. It bugs me when a phrase is repeated over and over, that is why I quit reading Danielle Steel. I got tired of her saying “cradle the phone.” In this book “Ain’t mulch on the flowers yet” was repeated.

This book had something you don’t see that often too where when there was a  new chapter the chapter number in reverse was placed inline on whatever page it fell. No verso/recto. It was just like a Word doc where page break wasn’t selected. Maybe it had to do with how long this book was?

I did find his writing about pulling for teams by their colors amusing. I’ve said that all my life. Not being a sports fan, and knowing the players change, but fans still pull for a team, like loyalty to the team colors. I also liked the part where Alcorn said God is not like a genie, a no-lose lottery in the sky, a cosmic slot machine, Santa Clause or that His reason for existing is to give us what we want. Although, throughout the book, “Him” wasn’t even capitalized when referring to God. On page 597 Terrible One, is capitalized and Alcorn writes about the haunting image that repulsed and applaud the person in hell at the thought of touching or being touched by those scared hands and feet. What? I am not familiar with Jesus being hell, rather hell is the absence of Him. And, as far as I remember the devil/fallen angel wasn’t crucified. Unless Alcorn is referring to the one man who did not accept Christ hanging beside Jesus on the cross at Calvary.  I’m confused by the ugly scarred hands and feet and the use of “Terrible One.”

He wrote “Our time on earth is just a dot. It ends not long after it beings. But our time in eternity, heaven or hell, will be a line that goes on forever. Every man has to choose whether he’s gonna live for the dot or live for the line“. I also agree with his take on the news. When I was younger, the news was just that. Facts reported as news. You were able to think for yourself and form your own opinion and thoughts. Now with omitted facts and fake news where facts are not checked, it’s not really news, the story are often slanted toward one way or the other.

Here is one more part I liked. “When men cease to believe in God, they do not believe in nothing, they believe in anything.” I got a chuckle when the restaurant owner had to show a teenage boy how to mop up a spilled drink. Hubby just cleaned a rental after a twenty-something man said he cleaned it. It didn’t look like he’d EVER cleaned the whole time he lived there. Obivosouly he’d never been taught that you have to wipe a counter, wipe out appliances and clean tubs. Gross, and sad. Now I did not like the part about the cat on page 494. Yet another reason to keep your cats inside!


3 book series

My thoughts on the covers. This Ollie Chandler Collection has at least two designs for the first two paperbacks. It looks like by the third book, they decided to keep a similar “broken glass” theme. The cover of Deadline,  on the one I read, IMO was better than the one that looks like the others in the series. That is odd because it is fairly busy but the design looks more professional to me.  The photos on the theme ones are fine, but the design is like nails down a chalkboard to me.  The way the text is kinda just put anywhere on the cover, like “a novel” turned vertical under the title, the author name has had so much leading applied between the lines, the words converge so that they blend into each other with no space, but also lining up with nothing. I like the cracked glass idea but the rest of the design lacks a positive impact on me. On this second title in the series I read, the cover image was by John Labbe/Getty Images and the cover design was by The DesignWorks Group, Inc.

If you are interested in having a cover designed or image for your book, visit Design.KimberlyMaxwell.com for more information.

I tend to like thrillers, law, mysteries or Christian based novels. I seem to be finding new authors all the time that I enjoy reading. I do not want to read books where they take the Lord’s name in vain, have a lot of graphic violence, are about sports and I’m really not into non-fiction history.

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Here is my pinboard on NC Authors, and my post about what I think authors want you to know. I will be compiling a pinboard of books added to my “want to read” list. The main local library has a newsletter that almost every month has a list called “Reginal Roundups” and it’s a great way to find local authors.

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