9.5 hours 6+ waterfalls

The day started when Karen and I stopped in Brevard to take photos of the horse sculptures. The theme for February’s camera club circles. Turns out they were actually made of horseshoes. I would love to have a family of these in my yard.

I’ve been to Mill Shoals Falls at Living Water before but never that early in the day. They were doing work on the building to the right of the falls. I played with my cell phone 360-degree photos but I just can’t share those everywhere like I can camera pics and video.

Living Waters Path 01-30-2020 10.22.31-sm

We walked downstream on the path and saw so many “pretty in-betweens” cascades and falls. We passed a shallow cave, that unfortunately, some boneheads spray-painted graffiti on the rock.

It was my first time to Bird Rock/ Cathedral Falls. The huge rock the falls is at the base of is very unique. I turned and looked downstream wondering if I could get a better photo of the rock and the falls and was surprised to see a building. It is one of those falls that is so much prettier in person. There was even a little rainbow after the sun popped out.

Bird Rock Falls 01-30-2020 10.57.17-sm

I took videos at each but if I wait until I get to those, who knows when I can post this, and it’s already about a month old.

After we left we passed a white cow with a perfect black circle on its side. Karen offered to stop. I wish I’d said, “yes please”.

DEW Falls 01-30-2020 13.01.51-sm-2

We misread the directions to DEW Falls and stomped around on someone’s personal property for a bit until we realized it was the wrong gate and the wrong road for that matter. Oops. The falls are named after Dorothy Ehlrich Walker a student who passed and her classmates that cleared the trail named the falls in her honor. This one was really pretty, as was the “Y” tree you turned at. This was another spot I was thankful for Gaia telling me when I’d walked far enough to follow a trail.

White Owl Falls 01-30-2020 13.45.41-sm

White Owl Falls 01-30-2020 13.53.28-sm

White Owl was nearby. We had penciled in maybe seeing School House Falls but there were plenty of new to me ones to see right around us. I want to go back to White Owl in summer when I can just wade out in the water without freezing. It was very pretty. A fellow camera club member, Reid, had recently marked off the trail. You had to walk across big rock that looked like they’d been put there from the road build. Wrong time to try to eat an apple with those big steps and my short legs.

I’ve been to Upper Whitewater Falls several times. This time there was a hard contrasty diagonal line of sun and shadow. I put on my graduated ND but it could’ve used a square ND filter the line was so abrupt. This time on the paved path up the overlook I saw substantial falls to my right below. I’m guessing it’s Lower Whitewater Falls but with this being our 5th or so waterfall and it getting late, we thought it’d be a good idea to read about it first.

When we left the road where you turn into Whitewater, we turned left,  just so we could read what was on the sign. It said Sumter Park.  There were several places that had a note that that there was no access to the falls from the trail.

Now my hikers hack had started. Made it almost the full day.

Johns Jump Falls 01-30-2020 15.32.03-sm

Johns Jump Falls 01-30-2020 15.36.53-2-sm

But, we were right at Johns Jump Falls, of course, one more. Now Karen and I are new friends and she is more balanced on her feet and better at hiking. I lost my footing and ended up going all the way down on my butt. The camera was okay! Yeah.  I was too, but I remembered seeing this post on Facebook when she asked if I was okay. 🙂 Johns Jump Falls is awful pretty with its sandy area near the pool.

Karen said we’d been in 3 parks, Pisgah, Nantahala, and Sumter. I hope to get caught up on my photos and post so I can go back to cleaning up and tagging my photos. Just when I think I’ve got it close to emptying my “dump folder”, I go shoot some more.

If I counted right, I’ve been to 112 waterfalls. https://kimberlyhmaxwell.wordpress.com/portfolio/oh-how-i-love-waterfalls/

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