Heron Hawks, Swans, and bells at Furman University, plus one SC waterfall

Clouds in the blue sky 02-03-2020 10.02.04-sm

Karen, June and I started EARLY. We considered some waterfalls in SC but since hubby will waterfall with me, and one of them had been to the park before, I wanted to go to Lake Conestee Nature State Park.  I’m sharing pics on here, but know that I can’t sell any of these for a book cover. They have a lengthy confusing photography terms page on their site that is like nothing I’ve ever seen for a state park. It’s like they wrote it for professionals selling prints, who had to pay for session fees then threw in some info for amateur photographers and then went back and edited it so much it was just confusing. Kinda left a negative feeling about the park IMO.

White egreat at Lake Conestee State Park 02-03-2020 08.01.43-sm

Then we saw herons and well, now even though I don’t like their confusing terms I’d go back just to watch the herons. There was one couple that one kept leaving, flying far off and bringing back a twig. There were twigs everywhere. Funny watching them when that one tried to land and pass the twig to the nest builder. The white egret, geese, and ducks where all neat to see.

Conestee Mill SC 02-03-2020 09.47.10-sm

There was a manmade waterfall where the Reedy River flows over a stone manmade dam at the old Connesstee textile mill but it was all gated off with no trespassing signs. The mill owner had big plans to renovate the mill into housing with a restaurant.

Such a pretty campus-sm

We went to Furman University in Greenville SC afterward. I really liked the bells on the clock tower, the black and white swans and the loons.

Then we had lunch at Farmhouse Tacos in Travelers Rest. I’d eaten in TR before with the camera club and my TR burger was great but I couldn’t remember the name.

Pleasant Ridge Park 02-03-2020 12.57.31-sm

We drove to Pleasant Ridge Park in Marietta, SC that was initially a park specifically for black people who couldn’t way back use other parks. Glad we all share now. Pleasant Ridge Falls is a pretty and easy to get to the waterfall, with the remains of an old gristmill. near an old moonshine site.

Karen Kim June Shadows 02-03-2020 09.43.59-sm

Since we got such an early start we got a lot in and I still had time to get several hours of work in.


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3 thoughts on “Heron Hawks, Swans, and bells at Furman University, plus one SC waterfall

  1. KiM Post author

    Thank you Joe, A dream job would be shooting for National Geographic 🙂 Dream Big right? although I’d be more than happy with WNC Magazine and Our State too.



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