Staying at home away from people is right up my alley.

However, I do miss being able to get what I want for the weeks’ groceries in one darn trip, but other than that and worrying a bit about my older friends and family, and watching church online…. things are not that different in the Maxwell House.  I do wish the media and experts would just say “we don’t know” instead of guessing. I had to laugh about the letting people out of jails to stop the spread, when the prisoners were in jail, they were contained but let’s make the decision to let them out and tell the to self contain. Obviously, they’re good at following laws. SMH. Buncombe county blows my mind. Tests sites closed because of not enough test and/or they don’t want you out if you’re sick to see if it’s covid you have symptoms for that brought you out to be tested. Just stay at home unless you can’t breathe, but don’t be around anybody just in case. They may as well say “we don’t want to know how many have it.”

I’ve been trying to get a photo of the turkey in our yard all fluffed out. The husband came in and said the male attacked his truck tire and chased the truck so I needed to be careful walking to the mailbox. So, I went out with my camera. I got more than I bargained for. #turkeynuggets

We went for a drive and I laughed when I saw a cow pasture with the cows all spaced out funny. Apparently, they were told the 6′ rule too.

My thyroid has been screwy for longer than normal. I have thyroiditis, which means it is high, normal and low at any given time and it feels like I’ve been karate chopped in the throat. I left the endocrinologist with a brochure on Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, but can’t for the life of me remember why he gave me the brochure. Actually, my neck hurting is what promoted the initial doctor’s appointment. I had a friend that could visibly see when my neck got bigger. Can’t sleep through the night but I’m exhausted by 1pm. My coffeepot called it quits. I wasn’t willing to wait on Amazon so I made the dreaded trip to Walmart. Noticed all my choices were ‘made in China’ but I’ll have to buy American on something other than a coffee pot. Next time at the grocery and they were out of half and half. Auggh. I tried to buy some of the foods that help a thyroid, brazil nuts and I made my dads greens and beans recipe substituting beet greens for escarole. Appears there is still no TP or chicken to be had. This week there was no Activa yogurt or eggs either.  Finding celiac husbands gluten-free bread and beer is really the worst thing, well other than my half and half and coffee.

I haven’t started on the closets or paperwork yet. I’ve worked in the yard, done some detailed spring cleaning, listed some stuff that I realize we haven’t used since we moved in 3 years ago.  One was a big drafting board my father in law gave me for no reason. I loved the thought and the gift. I decided to try to draft out the house we live in before listing it. Turns out it’s not like riding a bike. I know I switched from drawing to photography for a reason.

When we built I knew I wanted a big wood mantel. I went to Cason Builders Supply. They had a display up of a local guy’s wood mantels. I contacted him. He said he had a black oak one that was dry. I loved the wood. We bought it. When it was delivered I realized it wasn’t cut square but we’d waited months on it and we needed to get it installed.

2nd mantel-sm

Right away it started curling, splitting and getting all out of whack. I wish I’d taken a photo from the end. I had weights on the right side but that wasn’t pretty.  It was NOT dried. Hubby made a new one, and I stained it. He did a better job than me. Even though I had several test pieces to try out the stain on, the 3 color step process I picked and went with turned out too red but it looks so much better than the twisted one. I like that the original one was solid wood but hubby did a beautiful job and I love that this one is straighter than that one ever was. I wish I’d done a better job on trying to make white oak look like black oak.  I thought about letting the mantel guy know we knew it wasn’t really dried but decided to let it go and chalk it up to lesson learned.

I am so lucky to be married to someone who can do so much in so many areas. Wish his allergies were not so bad. One because he snores even worse in spring, and two because he’s getting dirty looks like he’s sick. His allergy doc can confirm, he’s gotten shots for years.

Our library has gone to curbside pickup. I Cloroxed what I got. By the look of the cloth, the books hadn’t been cleaned in a while. I do that with Redbox cases too and have well before Covid19 was on the news. I hope to get to the paperwork and closets before long. I don’t want to waste the time but with my thyroid, too many days are punctuated by a nap. I think we may have to break down and get Netflix or Hulu before long though or break out the board games at night.

Tyler probably doesn’t even notice the subtle changes. Guess self-quarantine, or the more politically correct social distancing doesn’t show up much when your parents are two introverts.  My social butterfly mom and I took a walk to waterfall, two actually. She is still getting over a pneumonia cough, and yes she did go to the doctor for that diagnosis. She still tires out pretty quick but at least she was in the woods with just me, instead of taking this too lightly and out galavanting and hanging out with friends her own age.

Oh, I took pics of spaghetti this week. Yes, yes I did. Pics and reason behind the shoot to come.

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