A tailgate 30th and Easter thoughts

Since I work from home, my self-discipline to get up and get stuff done has not changed all that much, except the amount of photo and book cover jobs coming in has slowed basically to a stop. We have been working in the yard more than normal. We usually buy stuff for the yard and garden. This year we’re transplanting and moving stuff around. Figure may as well take care of what we have already, and when I work in the yard, I have two things to show for it. It’s good for me and our yard looks better. Win-Win. If we’re going to be  at home, our home and yard may as well look the best it can.

This year I decided to take a walk around the yard and see if we have any volunteers I can cultivate and move to where I’d like them later. I was hoping to find some fast-growing maple trees but as of yet, without the leaves out yet, I wasn’t sure what the young trees were. I did clip a straggler off the bottom of one of our maple trees to root it. I wish it was from one of the red ones but it was a wild maple that turns yellow. Still looks nice, grows fast, provides a place for squirrels to escape the outdoor cats.

I’ve been trying to add sorting and organizing to the days. I have been doing pretty well emotionally with the ‘safe at home” though. I’m not quite getting to everything, but just taking each day as it comes. Some are productive, some, not so much.

All that is until our 30th anniversary were I “leaked” tears most of the day. I tear up when I’m happy, sad, mad, or a treasured memory crosses my mind. I can find joy in so many things, that I’m not often really sad for long. On our anniversary I longed for normal. Not that we always do a vacation or elaborate dinner or gifts, but because we were being told not to. We had no plans, other than not working. As I showed and actually put on make-up I decided that since we could get out for our health to exercise, we could pack lunch and go for a drive to eat by a river in Pisgah. If anyone questioned us being out by ourselves, I am sure tears would’ve dripped again, as I pleaded that it was an essential activity for us to eat lunch out for our 30th anniversary. Mental health is just as important as physical health!

It was odd to see so little traffic on the road. We passed a telephone pole with a large bird on it. An eagle has been spotted, but it was a vulture. 😦 I’ve pretty much just been going to the grocery store with the exception of a few curbside library pickups. Looking Glass Falls was all blocked off as was Holmes State Forest but once we entered Pisgah almost every single place to pull have had someone pulled off. We saw more people fishing, walking dogs, riding bikes and a slew of empty vehicles parked all along the road.

We parked at a place by ourselves and hubby backed in so the river was our view.  There was a sign on the tree that it was a “bear sanctuary” but no sightings. We listened to the water, saw a yellow and a blue butterfly while we ate our packed lunch. I joked that he had asked if I wanted lunch out on the front porch or the back porch. 🙂 We decided to charcoal grill on the back deck and had steak (only pair of New York Strip that Ingles had) with shrimp and a baked potato.  It took longer to cook than we thought but it was nice to sit out, visit and enjoy adult beverages. It sprinkled rain for a few minutes but not enough to move to the covered front porch.

Our 30th will be memorable. A cousin had their anniversary tagged #RoRoversary. I wouldn’t want to be quarantined with anyone else. I didn’t think it was possible but Tyler has become more needed. He pouts now when we go out and work in the yard even though he can see us out the window. My Bleeding Heart is covered in blooms this year.

Last Sunday we had online/communion. That was different. At least celiac hubby could have gluten-free crackers 🙂 This Easter, even though I can NOT sing, I am tempted to go out on the porch at 10am and sing out Amazing Grace. I saw the suggestion on Facebook. Can’t quarantine Jesus. Can’t quarantine the Gospel. The church is God’s people, not a building. #HappyEaster #HeisRisen #IserveaLivingGod

So how are you?

Philippians 4-sm

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2 thoughts on “A tailgate 30th and Easter thoughts

  1. KiM Post author

    As we got closer we both guessed at the numbers of cars that’d be there. Neither of us guessed zero. On the other hand, seeing so many other pulls offs full of cars was just as surprising. Thank you for the anniversary wishes.



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