Happy 13th to my sweet Loverboy Tyler

We celebrated our boy’s 13th / 68th birthday with pics, and freeze-dried chicken treats. He is such a sweetheart and wants to share his love all the time.

Tyler's 13th birthday 04-27-2020 09.53.18-Edit-sm

I gotta tell you a funny. Tyler has always drooled when he was happy. He gags at flies, sharpie markers, and the sound of your thumb running over a comb. I swear if you let him to Clorox or Tyler he’d lick it up. He loves it when I cut celery and we just learned he will drool non stop, making a puddle over jeans with pine resin on them when hubby came for lunch after cleaning up some downed trees.

He is all up for a nap and loves his read blankies. He’ll still tear through the house, sliding on the floor because he’s going to fast for a turn, but we see the aging. After doing young cat stunts we’ll witness some limping. He adjusts while sleeping a little more and looks a bit unsteady at times. He gives these amazing head tilts that just press into me like a hug. He’ll lay against my chest and fall sound asleep belly up. Don’t give me flak for my cat pj’s.

Tyler 04 07 2020 1-sm

We recently saw some videos of other cats going through a maze of set up dominoes without knocking any over. Trinity could’ve done that at a full run. Tyler went to cross from my recliner to hubbies across the 14″ wide table and managed to step on, I think, every item on the table. I’ve put him “steps” so he can still get on the bed and to his bed looking out the window and used an unopened box of litter on both sides of his litter door when hubby noticed he was jumping through the doggie door instead of just walking. I also moved his bed to a window overlooking us working on our land. He is loving the sunshine more. Trinity always did but Tyler with his dark fur has only recently looked to soak up sun rays.

I so wish we still had Trinity with us, their 10th birthday was the last one they got to share together. I’ll just snuggle Tyler extra and hope he lives a long and healthy life, being grateful for the super-soft Loverboy.


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