Went South for what felt like a vacation

I bet when all this is done the word “staycation” will be stricken from the dictionary.

We all get cabin fever and we all hit our limit.

Since I know the virus recognize a state lines and we’re supposed to open a new phase in a few days here in NC, we went South 20 minutes where they are opening back sooner than us. I felt like we were on vacation! We tried a new-to-us restaurant, ate outside, and totally enjoyed ordering, trying 3 new things, and not having to do the dishes was the icing on the cake after seeing a few SC waterfalls. The nearest person was 20 feet or so away, the waitress had on gloves, they asked you to use the online menu and they cleaned the tables and chairs when people left. This did my mind good! I hit limit when it passed “flatten the curve” to “stay at home till we find a cure” so this outing and first meal out albeit by a road was terrific. There was WAY more people at Lowe’s and Ingles than we saw all day on this trip south.

First up was Cliff Falls (pics at the top), then Caesars Head, Drip Falls, and a part of Pleasant Ridge Falls I had not seen when I was there earlier with Karen & June. My abdomen was still bothering me at the time so I didn’t lug my tripod. This was just a mental recharge outing.  I am not suggesting you get out and back to normal if you’re not ready to. I am. I am not going to change your mind. You are not going to change mine.

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4 thoughts on “Went South for what felt like a vacation

  1. AuthorJoePerroneJr

    We did something similar a week ago. We had a picnic at the Ann Springs Close Greenway, about 10 miles away from us in Fort Mill, South Carolina. It felt absolutely delightful to sit back in our folding chairs and let the sun beat down, with a light breeze keeping the temperature comfortable. Becky and I brought our Kindles, and after we devoured our Italian hero sandwiches, just sat alongside one another and read. It was only three hours, but it was like manna from Heaven. Just to be out and about like normal people felt sooooooo good! Let’s hope and pray that all this pandemic stuff will be just a bad memory a year from now. Glad you guys got “out of Dodge,” even if it was only for half a day! Good for you! 🙂

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