Happy International Cat Day!

Tyler 11-12-2019 22.15.41-sm

So for this cat day, my boy refused to eat his breakfast until I put freeze-dried turkey sprinkles on. Yesterday he thought the other part of the same can, was so great he licked the bowl clean.

I finally broke down and made his yearly appointment for this month. I don’t like it when they want to take him to another room for anything and there was NO way I was dropping him off at the door. I decided to quit assuming that is what my vet required and I called. So prayers that his heart murmur and teeth are no worse, all his blood work comes back great.

We’ve been working on the house as much as we can between the rain E V E R Y single day. So not much photography, waterfall hikes, or fun going on. I was hit with a few days of vertigo so bad I had to hang on to the bed while laying in it. I hate whatever does that and I’m always so thankful when it goes away. We are running into long wait times, materials being unavailable and so many delays in quotes, materials, and labor, while we just continue to sink more and more money into the ground that no one will ever see. Every time I hear yet another ton of gravel being dumped I think of Pink Floyd’s song Money.  I’ll have to ask hubby how many tons of gravel and dirt we’ve brought in. I’ve lost count. Don’t get me wrong. We’ve had some show up when they said and some ahead of schedule.  I went to look at countertops and almost every slab had a hold on it. I know we’re not near that point but that is the way my mind works. I am considering soapstone or concrete this time and I’m getting interior brick in the kitchen this time! I know we’re going with a modern farmhouse style and with black windows. Not country, just simple modern farmhouse.

I hit the big 5-0 soon, and I’m determined it won’t be spent in a dialed-back version because of the china virus like our 30th anniversary was.

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