As if you want to read one more perspective on having covid19

I hesitated to post this because it feels almost trivial, with the retreat in Afganastan and the recent deaths in our military, our Americans left with no safe passage home, and the Afgan people. The thing I can do for that sad situation is to pray, so I’ll continue that, but I still decided to share this in hopes what we did for covid might help lessen the symptoms for someone else.

Hubby got it first and shared it with me. Well, actually my mom (pre-diabetic, w/high BP, who eats nothing healthy in her 70s) had it months before us. We all had it back before the Delta variant. I’ve lost count now actually of all the people we know who have had it. It is in the double digits and if you count friends of friends it is a lot more. Only one friend, my age had to get the antibodies while in the hospital for a few days and we have a few “long haul” friends. We feel mask or no mask, vaccine or no vaccine should be up to each individual. I’ve shared this with friends and family and I’m tired of typing it over and over so I thought I’d type it out one last time here. Hope the stuff we did may help one of you or someone you know.

I am glad we both have the good ole better longer lasting (per Israeli study) kind of natural immunity from having it. We came out of believing hand washing helps, mask do not, and if you have a fever you should (and always should’ve been) staying home to keep from spreading any virus. I believe Covid in whatever variant will always be around, just like past SARS. Viruses spread, viruses mutate and get more contagious but less deadly. That’s what they do.

We both had odd symptoms and we’ve both been sicker with colds and the old flu that no one seems to have anymore. Definitely NOT asymptomatic.

Both of us were very, very tired, as in, take a shower and need to rest. Both of us had a little dry cough but for the first time I can remember, our coughing did not get worse when we laid down. Both of us had a fever. Mine was 7 degrees above my normal and came and went for longer than hubbies. We both had headaches but either his were worse, or I just thought mine wasn’t as bad because it wasn’t like the migraines I get. We both had sensitive skin to the touch like all your nerves were on the surface. His was much worse than mine. I pretty much only felt it when pulling clothes on or off and his skin bothered him more often and for a longer time. My back / low lungs hurt horribly like someone had swung a club across my back. He didn’t have any more additional back pain than he has all the time. Both our oxygen levels were lower than normal but he has low oxygen all the time so I was more concerned with his. His dropped into the ’70s, mine only went as low as 90 when we checked it on his oximeter. Hubby lost his sense of smell. Mine has been gone for about 8-10 years from a bad cold that lasted over a month and never came back. I also had a crinkling sound when I laid down and took in a deep breath in. I didn’t feel short of breath, it just sounded weird. Guess it could be related to me being a premie and the fact that I’m overweight. I assumed with hubby having celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that he would be way worse than I would. We were just different.

Here’s what we did about it besides staying away from everyone at the first signs and for 2 weeks after our fevers broke. I also tried to distance from Tyler, our cat. He’s an older cat and I didn’t want him in our faces or sleeping with us at night even though he wanted to cuddle.

We kept a check on our oxygen because I heard you could have happy hypoxia.

We kept thermometers out and checked temps often.

We tried to not lay down any more than we had to sleep. We tried to get up and move around, walk down the driveway, and sitting on the porch in the sun som. We purposefully breathed deeply and when we did lay down we tried to lay on our stomachs or at least our sides instead of flat on our backs.

Drank lots of water and Gatorade.

We didn’t feel like eating but ate light meals mostly when taking vitamins.

We took LOTS of vitamin C, D3, and Zinc with some elderberry chased by a shot of tonic water. Figured an upset tummy was worth kicking Covid’s butt. We already take Pepcid as needed, and hubby has bad allergies (that he takes shots for) so we had Mucinex (without cough suppressant) on hand and took it.

The fever only lasted (I think going on memory) a few days for him and about a week for me but the exhaustion lasts a long, long time.


Here are my personal thoughts on Covid19
For employers requiring a vaccination. I sincerely hope the employees that you forced your ultimatum upon don’t get sick or die. I imagine there will lawsuits by them or someone or their family who didn’t want the vaccine, took it to stay employed, who died or suffered from it headed your way. I mean are you going to require a first shot, a second shot, and who knows how many boosters? For Delta airlines that are charging nonvaccinated people to pay extra for their insurance, are you going to dish out more when there are vaccination-related illnesses? I can see as a business owner it’s your right to require whatever you want to require for people to work at your business but I don’t agree with forced mandates and if I wasn’t self-employed, I’d leave a company for that- even if it meant losing pension and benefits I’d worked for. Being self-employed we don’t have any retirement or health benefits anyway but i will show support by where I choose to shop. We know several people that have had Covid, most had symptoms like ours or even less, with just a loss of smell. I do understand just like with the regular coronavirus that some people get a lot sicker than others, and that just like in the past some people die from the virus and that it can not be irradicated. I know several people that had pretty bad arm pain and several that got shingles (one with the horrible nerve pain that halted the way they live for months) after the covid vaccination, regardless if they had the shingles vaccine. However, I totally respect your choice if getting vaccinated is what you choose to do, same with masking. There are risks other than mild ones: Allergic reactions, blood clots, myocarditis and pericarditis, shingles, weakness, severe paralysis, Guillain-Barré, Bell’s palsy facial nerve palsy, or death as does masking, over sanitizing away ever germ, and hiding away weakening the immune system all have risk too. Although the numbers here seem to be faulty also. Seems it’s feasible to count anyone with a positive covid test that dies as dying from covid but not all the deaths that occurred after the vaccine as vaccine deaths. Looks like you can indeed have it both ways. 😦 I wish we could see true numbers of Covid19 versus other pulmonary sicknesses, that we could hear the true number accurately tested, the true number of those hospitalized that had or had not been vaccinated with which vaccine and number of times, and those that have been vaccinated OR had it before. We’ve got to be getting close to a majority by now. I’d love to see real numbers comparing Covid deaths from 2021 to 2020 and year comparisons on: percentage of comorbidity in that, regular non-covid flu, COPD, pneumonia, heart disease, cancer deaths and suicides. I have read (but can’t seem to find the page again, that if you’ve had Covid the vaccine offers zero benefits with an increased risk of side effects. If I find it I’ll post the link. You also have the false positives to factor in like here and here and here.

I know someone that had great results with monoclonal antibody treatments. I can see that the fact that Ivermetin not fitting the agenda or making pockets fat has proven cheap and very safe AND effective but because it wasn’t tested for Covid it doesn’t seem to matter that it works on most people with few side effects. It’s been used in humans for years, and has been proven safe (the dose for humans, not horses). It’s been around a lot longer than the vaccine which is having a large number of breakthrough cases. It’s like 12 cents per pill. I’m not sure what I’d do if a loved one died because a hospital or doctor refused to try it.

Ponder this. If you get a smallpox vaccine, do you still get smallpox just a milder case?
Do you remember flu shots were called flu shots, not flu vaccines?
If the unvaccinated/recovered natural immunity are a danger to the vaccinated. The vaccine doesn’t work. if 99% of the deaths and people in ICU are from unvaccinated why do the vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated?
If the mask work, why the 6′? If the 6′ works, why the mask? If they both work, why the lockdown and mandates? If the vaccine works why do the vaccinated still have to follow the same guidelines as the unvaccinated/or recovered? If the mask, 6′, and vaccine works, then why does the rushed safe vaccine have a no liability clause? Why the rushed vaccine if early treatment with Ivermectin works and if the test works, why the false positives?

In history, what other virus or any medical condition, do they tell you to not seek care but to wait until you’re horrible to get medical attention? Then turn around and tell you to get tested even if you are asymptomatic?

Just a thought if you took the old flu shot, and want it again, you may want to go get it, but not the covid vaccine, you may want to go get it before all you can get is the combo.

Seems the right to think for yourself is among the cancel culture. As a society, it’s no longer okay to have different thoughts on, well anything. It’s been a long, long time since we were supposed to follow along for 2 weeks to “flatten the curve”.

I actually don’t think everyone has to think the same way for society and democracy to function and I’m perfectly fine with people having a different opinion than me.

However, I will always take offense when someone else requires me to think like they do.

9-13-21 update: I thought I should add this.
I am NOT anti-vax. I am Anti-vax-mandate, and anti-vaccine passport and carry card. I’m even anti-natural-immunity card. It’s no one else’s business what you choose to do unless you want to tell them. Remember Hippa? The United States is a representative democracy.

These are not my writings but they are my thoughts:

Does it cost thousands of dollars per patient?
Has it been developed recently?
-“Groundbreaking”: Emergency Use Approved-

Does it cost dollars per patient?
Has it been around for decades?
-“Unsafe and Unproven”: Emergency Use Denied

It is early treatment vs. late treatment.
The latter dispute contributes to the former. If people are not given early treatment, the following severe illness and death form the basis for vaccines.
If early treatment works, then the basis for vaccines dissipates.
Nothing else can explain the hate, disdain, and dishonesty toward early treatment options. Well, there is one other thing (also related to profit motive): people who wind up in hospitals make a lot of money for the hospitals.

The danger from Ivermectin is two-fold—1) there is no big money for Big Pharma in Ivermectin. 2) The efficacy of Ivermectin blows the whole Covid narrative out of the water. Search Google for Ivermectin development history. If Google hasn’t scrubbed the positive information, you will find with just 10 minutes reading that there are virtually no major bad side effects. If Google has scrubbed/censored information, download and use Duck Duck Go search engine. It is free, does not censor info, does not track or save your search history.

I don’t know Jason Bailey and it’s been a while since I tried to dig thru the data on the CDC website, but this is what he said he found. Again, I’ve not verified that. Here’s the CDC info on Covid-19 infections (being added to a database per state reported by doctors) on the fully-vaccinated as breakthrough infections Although the definition of fully vaccinated seems up for debate.

Yes, I’m aware that Covid is deadly for some, just like the flu or eating peanuts for others.

and here’s some links for you if you’d like to read for yourself:

I hope WordPress doesn’t knock you off for free speech like FB does.

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8 thoughts on “As if you want to read one more perspective on having covid19

  1. Kate Crimmins

    You were very lucky. I know three people who died from it and one was only 51. I hope your immunity lasts. I received the vaccine many months ago. No reaction. It wasn’t any different for me than the polio, tetanus, pneumonia, shingles, etc. vaccines that I have gotten over the years. Actually everyone has a choice. Each choice comes with different consequences and you get to choose what you will risk.


  2. Anne Mehrling

    Thank you for writing about your experience with COVID. I think I have talked to only one person who had it. Our area was not hit hard by it. Like you, I wish we could see stats minus the fear-mongering. Husband John knew someone who worked in a funeral home in another state. She said the cause of death was listed as COVID, no matter what a person died of. It was highly unlikely that deaths from cancer and heart attacks would sink to zero for months.

    I am appalled that we are supposed to think like we are told by people we did not vote for. It’s encouraging that parents all over the US have begun to question the indoctrination of their school children. If we don’t continue to think for ourselves, we will become helpless sheep.


    1. KiM Post author

      The monetary gain to hospitals to list Covid as COD seemed a bad idea to me. I like facts. I remember when the news used to be facts and we could come up with our own opinion. You’re NC right? I actually don’t know anyone who voted for Cooper, but I do wish politics were not so mingled with Covid facts and actual statistics. Divide and conquer I guess. Sad. My grandma would’ve said “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” I’m not good at blindly following. Hope you and yours stay safe. I do think it’s here to stay and I imagine eventually if you know anyone who’s had the flu, you’ll also know someone who had one of the Covid strains. Take Care.


      1. Anne Mehrling

        Yes, I live near Waynesville in the mountains. I remember when you heard facts in the news, too. John listens to news on the radio, and I read a conservative on-line paper. He looks at other conservative sources, too. Every morning when we walk, I ask John what “they” are on about to hear the other side.


  3. allenrizzi

    I’m in your corner (most of the way). My wife and I both had both Moderna vaccines/ We have had extreme side effects for 9 months. I get no answers from my doctors and I feel like a chump. I believe the virus was man made in Wuhan (with the help of Fauci) and was designed to reduce the world population in anticipation of a Chinese take-over. That being said, I believe the virus is very real but it has been hijacked by politicians and economic interests that have left the truth buried very deep; science has disappeared completely bites” and has been replaced by “sound bites” and propaganda. I currently am a candidate for the “booster shot.” My answer, fan cuolo!


    1. KiM Post author

      Allen, I hate that you and your wife are suffering from vaccine side effects. According to the media, it’s very rare. Although the person we know that got shingles right after her first dose is still suffering with long-term nerve pain and it’s been months. She too had your sentiment but it was about the second shot, not even to a booster yet. I too believe it is real and it was manufactured in Wuhan and I don’t feel very safe from any threats to the USA anymore. I still can’t get over the science and the news being so void of facts. I sincerely hope you both recover completly. I just don’t feel like we can trust any of the numbers.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Joy Capps

    I so agree with your opinion on this. I think my family got covid early 2020 before testing. My mother-in-law thinks my DH passed in June due to a blood clot from it. I would like to think something could have been done to change that…but I’m dealing with the fact that nothing could have changed that. Z-girl held off as long as she could on getting the vaccine…I think she has had it twice…but her college required it so she complied. Her choice…because she wants to continue her education where she is. A~man….although he is disabled, he has been educated on the vaccine and wanted it…being an “adult” I took him to get it. Me? No. As of yet, I have not received it. If I felt led by God to do it I will… but as of right now I don’t and I won’t. It’s my right.



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