Tyler’s is at his yearly part 2 – the dental.

I thought maybe if I came home and typed I’d be distracted more than sitting in my car in the (absurdly tight) parking lot, but I told them I could be back quickly. I hate him being put under for a dental but the boy doesn’t have good teeth. I also liked it better when this was one visit. One time withholding food, and an actual visit where you talked to the vet, the bloodwork was checked and he had his physical and if everything was okay they did the dental instead of having to space it out and go thru it twice. With his heart murmur and age, I’m wondering if this is the last time the benefits will outweigh the risk?

Doesn’t it look like Tyler is cuddling an all-white bunny?

He had his bloodwork and yearly about a month ago, but they couldn’t get him in for his dental until today. I hate having to leave him and he hates having food withheld…. he let us know all night just like he did a month ago that his bowl was empty.

While he’s under I’ve asked for them to do a urine draw and check his pH and for crystals (like his sister had). He’s just licking the area more than normal. He also had a little skin tag that’s gotten a little bigger. The vet called it something else, with funds low, and his dental and urine test running over $400, I asked how much it’d be to take off just so his toenail didn’t catch on it. It was around $80, then over a $100 to have it sent off. It’s little (heck look at my hangnails in the photos). I said leave it.

I want them to look more into his ears as they’re a little dirtier than they used to be and I asked if they wanted to check his BP. Skeamer went blind after a BP spike and Tyler is awfully jumpy when the new comforter moves. He gets little black dots in his nose too but of course, he had none at his appointment today or a month ago. He’s gotten more eye discharge too.

He also has a toenail in the back that has a bloodline back at the base. Sometimes he limps around like an old man and sometimes he gets the crazies, spins his wheels on the floor, goes down trying to take a corner to fast, runs out and back in the room then beats himself around in the cat tree box… and then wants you to pick him up to the recliner seat because he doesn’t want to jump. I have video somewhere. Guess we all probably don’t always act our age, then pay the consequences after when everything hurts. Tyler liked hubbies chaise recliner so when I got one it was between two and I chose the one so he could have a chaise on my recliner too. #spoiledcat

I gave a note to the person who came to get him from the car, to remember his heart murmur, that he can’t have one kind of antibiotic and that he’ll lick up any strong smell, like Clorox he can get to, and that he’s scared of normal sounds like phones, cars etc. They had me sign something this time before putting him under. I’ve never done that. I probably should’ve read it before signing it but if it’s anything like what you sign to under anesthesia yourself it would’ve just teared me up.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it but we started Tyler on a pain/nerve med called Gabapentin. For his weight (which was down quite a bit according to the vets scale, but read 14lbs 5.2 oz on my postal scale, which is down some from 16lbs, but not to 13lbs) he was supposed to be able to take 100mg. He was OUT, couldn’t even walk. Cut it in half to 50mg and he still just sleeps. Then when I had it compounded I asked for 25mg thinking I could always give it 2x a day if his nerves were really getting him or his arthritic back legs were acting up. He did okay on 25mg until about a week in, when he couldn’t walk straight and was listing sideways. I took 2 days off with no meds then started back at 12.5mg and he’s still sleepy but we haven’t seen anymore inability to walk straight. BTW little tidbit here this compound has to be shaken. It took me a few days of seeing liquid between the cap and the bottle to realize if I put the syringe in before shaking it, I didn’t lose any.

I’ve been looking into buying or building a ramp


but for now, I’ve just rearranged the furniture in 3 rooms. He’s a pretty big boy so lots of the ramps and steps are too flimsy and I think some may turn over but all the furniture ramps I’ve concocted are sturdy.

Tyler has more dreams that look and sound like nightmares than I could imagine like every time he falls asleep he’s jerking and groaning. I have LOTS of these videos but they need cropping.

He had the most addictive personality we’ve ever seen, from rug rides to demanding to sit on the porch with me now every morning. He likes his wet food in the morning and then he gets dry, well at least he has even though he needs an extraction on every dental he still wants dry kibble. We’ve been finding food all over the house and have seen it fall out of his mouth after he’s walked away from his bowl. Also, his cheeks puff out when he breaths. I first thought it was his breathing but I can see his gums/cheeks poof out and it correlates to the sound. Maybe after this last dental we’ll finally go to all wet food only.

Have I mentioned my boy stands to poo? Nothing new and only other cat people would find that fact worth mentioning. He’s done it for a long time. I bought the high-sided and covered boxes because Trinity pee’d over the edges. Bet Tyler didn’t like the covered ones he couldn’t stand as vertical in. He puts his front feet up on the tall edge, gets his bottom feet close to the side, poos, jumps over the tall edge instead of using the lower opening then goes back in the opening to check out his work. Weirdo still doesn’t cover it. Bet you’re so glad you follow this blog now aren’t ya? 🙂

Okay, it’s been 90 minutes since I dropped him off. I pray he’s doing okay. They said I could probably pick him up around 1:00 and they’d call when his dental was done. Have I mentioned I hate leaving my furbabies at the vet!?


Couldn’t take it any longer so at 11:00 I called. They haven’t even started on him yet! He’s been there for over 2 hours for nothing. He really couldn’t stayed home unstressed and I could’ve taken him in when they were actually going to do his dental. Poor boy, here I was sitting here worried he wasn’t coming out of anesthesia.

12:15 they called and said his dental was done and everything went well, and his urinalysis was good too. Based on how he’s coming out of anesthesia I can’t pick him up until 2:30.

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7 thoughts on “Tyler’s is at his yearly part 2 – the dental.

    1. KiM Post author

      I so would’ve been a helicopter mom. I’ll just be glad when the dental is done and I can go get him and bring him home for a snuggle!


    1. KiM Post author

      Every other time he’s had extractions. This time the vet said he didn’t need any. Good news as I don’t think he has a ton of teeth left. He’s doing a lot of lip-licking and swallows I can hear, so I shut the doors to the fully carpeted room. Now he’s just got 2 area rugs to choose from. 🙂 He seems to be more “with it” this time. I’m so glad that is done with and he did well. Urine pH was 7 but no crystals. Happy cat mom! Hope we all get better sleep tonite.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. KiM Post author

          We had to do that when Trinity was still with us but I used to make their appointments on the same day. She seemed okay not eating overnight but Tyler was meaner to her when he got hungry. I can’t imagine “starving” several cats. So, Tyler cuddled with me, then remembered he was mad a me, then cuddled, then remembered, repeated most of the evening. He never came into the bedroom or at least didn’t wake us up so I got that good night’s sleep. I don’t do well on limited sleep! He seemed to be very jumpy on sounds and has even done the low crawl wide-eyed last night. My vet said he actually didn’t look his age and he did very well. Not sure what that means for future anesthesia though.

          Liked by 1 person


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