The making of Chancing the Brown Mountain Lights covers for CC Tillery

Chancing the Brown Moutain Lights is the fifth book in the Brown Mountain Lights series.  The colors on this one are my 2 favorite colors, despite being told bu the hubby that you can’t have 2 favorites. The sister duo authors wanted to continue using the one photo I took of Brown Mountain from the first book, and just make changes to the colors and adding a second foreground image composite.

I listened to what this book was about, and since it had to do with war, I thought the poppies fit the best for a new foreground. The sunrays were added, then taken off, then added back again.  I love red and purple together! The poppies were shot on the first time I ever pulled off the highway, walked out into a field of flowers with semi trucks whizzing by. I mean why does the state plant them if we’re not supposed to walk out into them to get photos?

I gave the sisters four choices on the color for the title/author name. This one went farily smoothly which is great because I was having to work on it early mornings and late nights because we were in the middle of building. When I saw we were building I mean it litterally and I couldn’t be in both places at the same time. Plus if I wasn’t at the site hubby would’ve kept doing work on his own that was hard enough for us to do togehter. With as many delays as we had though waiting on materials I was able to start a little late or work into the night without leaving him to work on his own too much.

I remember from book 4, Christy said that now that Amazon made changes that changing the ebook from KDP to what was Create Space doesn’t work like just leaving the ebook alone and uploading the print book instead of trying to create it from KDP. Good tip for me to pass along for future clients. I don’t get into helping with the uploads but I can certainly pass that along. Nothing like making it harder for the authors to not use a cover created outside Amazon.

On the full-flat cover, the printer has made some changes. They still want a pdf but you used to always provide that in CMYK when it was for print. I read that other cover designers were having better color match using RGB. I  will provide both again and ask which one they used.  Things are just different now that Createspace moved to Amazon/KDP.

I’ve said it before but I absolutely love it when the freedom to be creative presents itself. It’s true I have the restriction of using the same cover photo I shot and they prefer to use foreground photos I’ve already shot, as opposed to commissioning one, but still, it’s challenging and rewarding to make another cover in the same series using the same basic photo. On the next book in the series, Christy told me to “go rouge”. So excited!

Click here to check out more books by CC Tillery. If you have the other 4 in the series, this link will take you just to this new one, Chancing the Brown Mountain Lights.

They are available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. For some reason, not all of the titles on Amazon have the ability to click on CC Tillery as the author and then they all show up. Christy and Cyndi, the sister duo that writes as CC Tillery can also be found at WNC events where you can purchase signed copies and talk to them in person.

Here are my other post about CC Tillery covers

If you are interested in having a cover designed click for more info.

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6 thoughts on “The making of Chancing the Brown Mountain Lights covers for CC Tillery

    1. KiM Post author

      These books are based on the Brown Mountain Lights. With building I’ve neglected reading so I’m not caught up with this series but I did enjoy reading their Appalachian Series although it made me wish I’d listened more to my elders stories. If you’re a reader check them out. Links to all their titles in the post. One thing I love that they did is let me put a number on their series as it it takes the guessing out of wondering which title comes next! Wish everyone would do that.


  1. christytilleryfrench

    Oh, thanks for posting this, Kim. I will tell anyone and everyone who asks (or doesn’t!), you’re the best cover design artist we’ve ever worked with. Your talent is exceptional and I trust you completely. You never disappoint, only delight.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. christytilleryfrench

    I am in love with the covers you’ve come up with so far. So vibrant. Love how you always convey the content of the books thru your covers.



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