Why do you read?

and why is it, I can read fiction books so much quicker?

I guess it depends on why I read. Fiction is easy, it takes me away. I remember as a kid there was a reading program with a dog, McDuff? That probably just really dated me, either the reading dog or the fact that I can’t remember it was so long ago. Anyway being an only child and enjoying reading ended up scoring some sort of reward for the number of books read.

I did not enjoy school, well except for art and talking to my friends. Guess we all learn differently and I much preferred classes where you learn at your own pace or self-teaching myself what I know about computers and photo software programs.

Now in the last move, I swore I was scaling down before the next one and I’d pull one non-keeper book down and read it in fiction, then the plan was to pull one off the shelf not a fictional book, and tidy my bookcases up. I read one fiction book since we got moved in and settled a bit, but I didn’t get a post up right after I read it and now I’d have to re-read it to talk about it and that’s not gonna happen. I did love how K.L Slater acknowledged and thanked the cover designer for another “mind-blowing” cover. Oddly enough and a bit disappointing, I can find no credit given for the cover of Case For Faith, just the interior.

I don’t re-read books (on purpose). Usually. The Case For Faith by Lee Strobel, a former atheist, was read and is going back on my shelf as a ‘keeper’. I typically only keep non-fiction or photography books, and of course, the books that I’ve designed a cover for that the authors gifted me with signed copies. Wonder if I’d re-listen to audiobooks?

This was not a quick read. I had to read a paragraph and go back and read it again, or put it down and go look up a passage in my bible.

Objection #1 had a good reference to helping a bear out of a trap. Also in same Objection #1 on Suffering how the greatest tragedy in history, the death of God on the cross, where the ultimate evil and resulted in the ultimate good where Heaven was an open offer to humans who believed. Or one that really hit close to my heart in Objection #8 in doubt and being a Christian when you pray for healing and it doesn’t come. Where if you learn to trust God in the face of death and not just in the face of healing.

I have not read The Case for Christ and I don’t want to add any new books until I get my bookshelf in better order but I have added it to my TBR file.

What are you reading?

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