Answered prayers

Have you ever felt God’s hand in your life?
We have.

We have been looking for land for over 10 years, probably closer to 15.

The area is just getting too populated for me. All the empty fields near us are filling up and it’s just not for me, I take after my dad and want to be out in the woods! We were still looking at land but with the housing market booming, land was booming too in an area with higher than average land prices already. We started widening our search – way out. Even to SC and I hate being hot. We were not finding anything.

An old long-time friend said his neighbor and her nieces were thinking of selling. We told him to mention to her we’d like to look before she listed. She listed. We went and looked and were interested. Long story short the realtor was trying to take advantage of her, she pulled it off the market and had to go through legal stuff, felt burned, and was no longer selling her part. Shocked and let down, we didn’t know if this was a deal-breaker since it wasn’t all the land -or a blessing. Turned out it was a blessing because now we didn’t have to come up with as much money right now so we actually still have some left to build our last home, and she gave us first rights of refusal if she decides to sell her land again. God is so good!

I posted the left photo on my FB page quite a while ago.
I got lots of LOL’s.

I like Octobers. It’s when I was supposed to be born, and I love Autumn. It’s also the month we moved into the first home we built and we just closed on the land that there is no other way we can possibly look at this without seeing God’s hand all over it.

JUST LOOK at the second pic with all the checkmarks!

Even if it wasn’t the seller’s market that it still is, I can’t help but see God’s hand all over this. We feel blessed finding land that meets so much of what we wanted AND that we could afford without borrowing money right away.

It may not have natural gas, broadband internet, a big stream, or a view but we can have propane, we can have AT&T, and it does have some water and it’s wooded. So even if we don’t have a mountain view (which we haven’t ruled out that there isn’t one with some tree topping) we’ll have wildlife for a view. Not sure yet about gardening because we know from the friend who will be our neighbor there is deer and bear.

So, here we go again…. ONE more time. As soon as we do some clearing, figure out the drive, the house site, and determine if there’s a view I’ll dive into drawing out the house plan over winter in hopes that I can get really close to what we both want. #nopressure

But, on this one, I’m not leaving Tyler day after day. We’re going to take our time a bit more, tweaking the floor plans, waiting for prices to come back down on materials some, and hope the long delays go away, with the goal to list this house we just moved into after we’ve lived in it 2 years.

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1 thought on “Answered prayers

  1. Bill Ramsey

    Kim, Stick to it and get the results you seek. Going way out to build is a smart thing. Many members of our extended family have done that for years.



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