Monthly Archives: April 2022

It’s my super senior (geriatric) boy’s 15th birthday today :)

He still runs and plays even if he pays for it later in the day when he overdoes it. He is still the neediest velcro cat we’ve ever adopted and I couldn’t love him any more than I do. He’s got us both wrapped around his big ole paws. His hearing has declined a LOT, and he got a “horny nail” thing but other than those nothing has really changed drastically. His nerves have eased up on the gabapentin and he still eats and drinks normally and his coat is still shiny and kept as well as he’s always kept it.

So thankful to have shared these years as his cat mom. I truly wish his sister had lived longer!

Yes, he got his favorite treats for his photo session.

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and finally the kitchen on the 1 yr anniversary of getting our C.O.

I can not believe we got our certificate of occupancy a YEAR ago today. I feel like we just moved in. I also can’t believe it’s taken me a year to get to all the posts on the house we built and that we’re already working on the next one and final one…. but here we go – who needs a break anyway 🙂

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