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Why didn’t I think of that sooner?

Here’s an atypical short post from me 🙂 We’re still working on the land is this ridiculous heat and humidity so during my time off I haven’t really felt like sitting at a computer.

I bought Tyler raised bowls a while back (glass or ceramic only no plastic) but he also likes water in other places and I want him to have water readily available. He’s getting older, and more arthritic (and deaf). Now he doesn’t have to squat to drink.

I was going to buy a single raised water bowl but I noticed a scratcher he no longer used, so I cut the ends off to make legs and set his glass water bowl on top. I did add another one to the floor just in case he didn’t like it but he did. The only issue is when I pick up his bowl to wash and refill sometimes he tries to get his 15-pound self on top of the old scratcher and I only used Elmer’s glue to stick the legs on.

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Pet food recall

07/06/2022Primal Pet Foods Inc.Raw Frozen Primal Patties for Dogs Beef FormulaPotential Listeria monocytogenesPrimal Pet Foods Inc.

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