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Wife, mom to children with fur, book cover designer, photographer living in beautiful western NC, and author of books "The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat" and "You Had Me at Meow"

The unshared of 2017

I’m unsubscribing and deleting all sorts of stuff and boy does it feel great.

Here are a few photos from 2017 that were never shared. If nothing else it’s kinda nice to look back on some summer photos when it’s cold outside. Mostly a hodgepodge but there’s a short story to the grainy hawk photo.


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Hasta la vista, Adobe CC!!!

I knew I didn’t like renting software. If I use a tool weekly – I own it, not shell out forever to rent it.

The entire year I tried CC for photographers I left my CS6 suite on my computer and always chose to not replace it with CC. I was 99.9% sure I was not going to continue to rent my software when my year was up. Well, my year is up this month and I’ve spent an entire day trying to remove CC’s deep-reaching fingers from my computer.

Lightroom 6 should be able to see the catalog from Lightroom classic CC so I don’t lose stuff but it won’t even uninstall it right. CC app manager thing won’t even uninstall.

If I was unhappy before with them I’m fit to be tied now. When I finally get all this CC off my hard drive and back to just the last version of Adobe I bought outright- I’ll be updating my On1 software.

Be warned if you decide to take CC off something that should take 20 minutes tops takes forever and it’s messy.

Looks like even though I told CC not to mess with my CS6 suite that I’ll have to update my CS6 suite and LR6 to repair the damage. I swear if I lose all my tags, edits and such I’ll never buy an Adobe product again. I’ve thought of so many things CC could stand for today.

Like I didn’t have enough to do with year end stuff to hassle with this. AUGGHHH

I ended up having to download and use the remove cc tool. Then reinstalling some of the CS6 suite and LR6.  Some of my “edit in” programs are gone and it made a new catalog and can’t use the one I had. I am going to miss LR dehaze and a few features but not enough to keep paying. Any chance of me giving this another shot have been completely wiped out after today.

happy NEW year

Did last year fly by or what?!

Happy2018 for web

We are starting the new year off COLD. The forecast was for freezing temps but here in western NC we also received surprise moisture in the form of freezing fog that shut down the interstate and roads with wrecks after it became covered in ice. Only a few days above freezing this entire week and many single digit days.

Here’s to wishing you all a happy, healthy and blessed new year ~

I don’t really make new resolutions because I can just recycle the last several years and hope to make more progress on them this year.  To start off this new year I’m having to do clean up and piles of work from 2017. I’m also finding great joy in hitting unsubscribe from all sorts of mailing list. My inbox was simply taking up too much of my time each morning and most of the emails are from sites I follow online anyway. I had almost 200 subscriptions when I started.  Continue reading

Hardback may be OUT OF PRINT by March 2018

The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat hardback

* IMPORTANT INFO * Please feel free to share
There is a good chance that by March 2018 I will be asking the publisher to take the hardback of  The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat OUT OF PRINT.

Right now the hardback is available new exclusively from Barnes and Noble. If you’d like a new copy of hardback now is the time get one before it’s too late.

This info only applies to the hardback.
If you are trying to purchase the hardback from Amazon you are buying from a reseller.

Merry Christmas from the Maxwells

Greatest gift

Merry Christmas friends and family!

I was asked recently if I was religious. I wasn’t sure how to answer other than we are Christians who believe Christianity is different than all other religions because Christ comes to you instead of you working your way or being “good enough”. He loves us all. Period.  We believe in God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit, faith, prayer, grace, and salvation. We believe Jesus died for our sin and if we accept this gift of Jesus in our place, paying our sin debt, that we don’t deserve, or could have in any way earned and accept Jesus as our Savior that we can have eternal life in Heaven.

I don’t really see how anyone could look at this awesome beautiful intricate world and not see something bigger than themselves. In this spirit and because we pray every person, all family, and every friend also accept His gift, we wish you all a blessed Christmas and pray you know the real reason for the season.

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